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augerk 02-14-2014 08:46 PM

Hip Replacement, 11 months old
My (almost) 11 month old german shepherd mix was just diagnosed today with hip dysplasia. I have no idea how severe it is, but the vet did mention that surgery may need to be a possibility at the age of two. I was wondering if you had found an average price as we now unfortunately need to start looking! Thanks for any help!!

Good_Karma 02-15-2014 08:26 AM

My GSD mix was diagnosed with HD and under a year old as well, and she had her surgery at just over a year old. Her surgery was a total hip replacement. We took her to Ohio State University to have the surgery. It cost about $4000.

Harry and Lola 02-15-2014 06:56 PM

So sorry to hear about this. Can I suggest you get a second opinion and discuss with both Vets the severity and treatment options, then you may be able to make the right decision and hopefully surgery won't be needed.

I have a 5yo GSD female with HD, she was diagnosed around 1yo and I have been treating her with glucosamine and chondirotin and/or green lipped muscle products, I don't allow her to jump or sprint really fast with sudden stops and keep her weight trim (which is hard because she has a thyroid problem so weight is hard to move). I provide her with soft bedding and warmth during winter. She has been moving and coping very well over the past 4 years.

Good luck and check out all your options.

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