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4paws 02-12-2014 05:20 PM

conflicting Info from vet: coconut oil
So, I'm a bit frustrated with my vet of 17 years. I took Abby in 3 weeks ago and brought up the fact she was constantly itching herself. Vet said it was the flea collar, so I took it off as instructed.

I had a question about Abby's Prozac dose so I called and left a msg for the vet yesterday and the tech called me back today. When I mentioned to the Tech about the ongoing itching Abby still has, and that it is getting better thanks to coconut oil, I was told I should stop the coconut oil asap and just give Abby benadryl 4 times daily. I said huh..? They said coconut oil would cause yeast to spread. I said to the tech I thought it was sugar that fueled yeast to spread..they said nope, the coconut oil would cause the yeast infection bigger issues and I should bring her in for a skin scraping and steroid shots!

So, I'm a bit confused on what to think. I'm a bit shocked at how quick my Vet is wanting to treat things with steroids so quickly, and their opinion on the coconut oil.

Last note.. The vet did not catch the yeast infection, however I brought Abby to a groomer this last weekend and the groomer brought it up to me that she thought Abby has a yeast infection due to the redness on the chest, belly, and other areas on her..the groomer seemed pretty knowledgeable and said the coconut oil would do amazing things over the weeks for Abby... so I went away feeling I was doing the right thing.

crackem 02-12-2014 05:30 PM

sometimes people learn things a certain way and nothing else but that way will ever make sense to them. I know I'd feel a **** of a lot better about giving my dog coconut oil than steroid shots.

BTW, I have never come across anything that said coconut oil in the diet will "promote" candida growth in man or beast.

I'd ask for the literature and a very good explanation before I stopped something like coconut oil in favor of skin scrapes and steroids. Well if it was me, I wouldn't ever go back really. They wouldn't get a 2nd chance with me.

Nigel 02-12-2014 05:38 PM

Zoey is an "allergy dog". We fought rashes, itching, etc... We used steroids for a few months, they worked, but not a long term solution. We moved to cyclosporine, it worked, but she started blowing her coat constantly, its expensive, and again not a long term solution. Now we use coconut oil and a diet change to NV turkey lid mixed with "some" raw and very rarely does she have any problems, I think the CO is a major reason for this.

4paws 02-12-2014 05:48 PM

And that is another thing..the diet. I put Abby on Core to get her off the grains to start with and that I would be feeding RAW real soon. Vet said that is the worst thing I could do for her and she see's so many cases of ecoli (sp ?) from folks taking that approach. I guess I'm a bit lost why my vet seems so different then what I thought I knew her to be from years past.

Lucy Dog 02-12-2014 06:02 PM

The vet tech was giving medical advice? Did you actually speak to your vet about this?

And pretty much all vets hate raw diets. I think it's something they're taught in vet school. Kidding... kind of.

4paws 02-12-2014 06:34 PM


Originally Posted by Lucy Dog (Post 5012010)
The vet tech was giving medical advice? Did you actually speak to your vet about this?

And pretty much all vets hate raw diets. I think it's something they're taught in vet school. Kidding... kind of.

The Vet was in the background over hearing our convo and giving the Tech advice.

Wild Wolf 02-12-2014 06:38 PM

Did you ask where they got that information regarding coconut oil? Coconut oil will not cause yeast to grow... it is also a far superior method of treatment to daily benadryl. :/

kr16 02-12-2014 06:41 PM

Ask the vet if they think that stuff they sell called prescription food is good for dogs or any animals. I blasted my vet last week for trying to sell me royal canine hypo allergic kibble. Not much food in that ingredient list. I made him read the package.

Amazing something can be sold as a prescription without one active ingredient.

Not sure some vets even bother to learn about proper nutrition and supplements.

N Smith 02-12-2014 07:06 PM

Here is a blog post I wrote about coconut oil - I am going to side with your groomer here. I would also get some good literature to bring in to your vets office!

Ironhide Kennels: Spice of Life: Coconut Oil

Twyla 02-12-2014 09:54 PM

This thread has a LOT of excellent suggestions for yeast/itching etc

As for the negative on coconut oil from the vet, never heard of co being a cause of yeast. My vet and I battle over food at times but she loves the fact that I do the co, fish oil and so on.

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