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dogman22 02-12-2014 02:44 AM

UTI or something else?
so i recently posted in the breeding section. and i got a lot of help/tips from there. thanks to everyone who helped!

but now, im not going to explain everything all over again. so ill cut to the chase.

you can technically call me a VIRGIN when it comes to this. but my girl is titled and of great bloodlines. so i decided to breed her.

healthy as can be. but now theres excess blood in her urine.

a lot more than her usual amount when shes in heat.

they tell me its a UTI but the only sign that its true is, blood. and no other aliments. no discomfort when she urinates, no lethargy, etc. just excess blood. sometimes it a little, sometimes its deep red.

the gsd that she tied with, was MUCH larger than her. and when his penis was swollen, holy molly, it was no wonder why she gave a big whelp when they tied. could it be that his large penis just hurt her? or could it be more serious?

im going to take her to the vet tomorrow, but could it be something else? just wanted to see what everyone else out there had to comment.

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