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silverseahorse 02-07-2014 07:21 AM

My 13 week old has fleas. I've dealt with fleas before however was hoping someone has a miracle cure that I just don't know about.

I have 2 cats, (3 and 4 years), an 11 month old GS x Husky and my 13 week old GSD pup, Summer. Summer is the only one with fleas which I am quite surprised about. Maybe her young immune system makes her a target? I've bathed all four and only Summer has fleas being drowned in the tub. No fleas for the others. All 4 were given Advantage (appropriate to their cat/dog status and weight) 2 weeks ago. Summer has been given Capstar 3 days in a row in addition to having flea powder brushed through her coat. I left out the flea powder for one day and the fleas are back. She lives inside, obviously she goes outside but she is mainly indoors. I have tiles and floorboards throughout the house that are vacuumed every morning and night by me (neat freak). My bedding along with the pets bedding has been washed and treated despite no living fleas on them, I was killing the potential eggs. I have also been mopping the tiles and floorboard with hot water and domestos (cleaning chemical that melts everything bar the tiles themselves!)

Ideally I do not want to load her with more chemicals! They can't be good for her and I know that they are not good for me! I am allergic to the powder and it causes severe asthma. I have breathing difficulties when handling the powder so dearly want to throw it out.

Have I missed any vital step? A vet told me to go ahead and apply some more Advantage because it has been 2 weeks. I am hesitant because I don't want to poison her, but I don't want the fleas either.

She doesn't obviously have fleas and there is no flea dirt, but if I run the comb through her I will get fleas and when I bath her, fleas come off. Also when she rolls over for a tummy rub, I usually spot a flea running away.


Mishka&Milo 02-07-2014 07:50 AM

Just from experience... I have used original dawn dish soap... Non- ultra. I didn't like to use it much due to it drying the coat out. It was an emergency on my small dog.... He had at least 100 fleas and flee shampoo didn't work, neither did frontline.... I used the dawn taking care not to get it in the eyes.... And washing him from his head to his feet, face first and with cotton in his ears so that the flees didn't run to there.... It worked. I used a bit of conditioner after so that his skin and coat would not dry out.

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Momto2GSDs 02-07-2014 09:32 AM

Hi Silver!
If you want a natural product try Neem Oil. (not to be used around pregnant females, animal or human)
Look for a cold pressed Azadirachtin content >1500 ppm pure neem oil. That's a sign that their raw product is of high quality. Such as this Pure Cold-Pressed Neem Oil. and you can mix this with the shampoo, but make a fresh mix each time you bath her.

You can also mix with a Carrier Oil such as Almond Oil or it would be too strong and possibly burn skin. 1 part Neem to 2 parts Almond Oil (or similar). Part the fur down her back and drizzle this on all the way down to her tail. You can even put it in other key areas.

Watch your other pets as they will probably get them too.

I know you are adverse to powders, but you could also use Human grade Diatomaceous Earth (NOT the kind for swimming pools). This could be used on the animals and also all around the house including where the pets like to sleep and floor boards. They jump off and on pets so they may be somewhere! UGH!!!! ;)

Hope you find something that helps!

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