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S.F. 02-02-2014 08:05 PM

When does height growth stop?
At what age does a male stop growing in height?

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Courtney 02-02-2014 08:07 PM

It seemed once my boy was 10 months that was it -25"

S.F. 02-02-2014 09:54 PM

We're at 23.25" at about 6.5 mobths.

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Kahrg4 02-02-2014 11:19 PM

Yeah, I think Cafall had one last little spurt around 10.5-11mos.

As for filling out, we're still working on that at 16mos.

Harry and Lola 02-03-2014 01:30 AM

Male GSD’s largely stop growing in height by 9 months and may gain an extra 1cm (maximum) in height by 15 months.

Female GSD’s largely stop growing in height by 8 months of age and may gain up to 1cm in height by 12-15 months of age.

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