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Wulf03 01-27-2014 04:48 PM

Help with bone spur?
Trying to get some info. I have a 12.5 year old GS with a very bad bone spur on his front left paw. The spur is attached to the main round joint at base of leg and rear of paw. The rest of the joint does show some degeneration as with his spine. But he has no other problems except the spur. My vet has recommended a referral to the only Dr here in western North Carolina who will do the removal. But the vet does not recommend as she does not belive his paw would ever recover. Currently he take 6 tramadol and two Gapupenten pills each day. He has an extremely weak stomach and cannot take anything else. He also takes the usual GLUCO everyday. The pain is getting worse. But he can still walk and is not in pain all the time. My question is has anyone else tried this type of removal with an older dog? Please e-mail me direct with any info. Also the refered Dr gave me a quote of $5-6000 before even reviewing his xrays. Any other Dr. who would consider helping me in western NC? tHE $5-6K is out of my price range that I can afford. Especially with no gurantee? Would I be best to simply continue treating with the meds?

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