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liferebooted 01-13-2014 12:23 AM

Soft poop help
Hi everyone. I got my puppy on X-mas eve when she was 10 weeks old. When I got her I noticed right away that her poop was soft, it kinda was like pudding when it piled up on the ground, I took her to the vet for her first shots and stuff, they did a fecal exam and said she was fine. A week later I took her back because it changed into diarrhea, they said she had Giardia (spelling) this time even though there was no way she caught it from in my house.. so I'm guessing she had it all this time and they missed it on the first visit. She was put on flagyl for 10 days and did fine on it, I also give her a table spoon of pumpkin with each meal. Shes been off the meds for over a week now and the poop is soft again. She goes back to the vet on Thurs for booster shots. I'm worried something is wrong with her since she isn't pooping regular logs =\ She acts completely fine, shes really hyper and insane. One thing I noticed is that she drinks more water than my 40lb 10+ year old diabetic dog but I took her blood sugar a few times and it is perfect so I'm pretty sure she isn't diabetic.

huntergreen 01-13-2014 01:04 AM

went through this a couple times with different pups, always came back to the kibble i was feeding. you could also have the poop checked again, but giardia doesn't always show up in each sample. fyi, always had this problem with nutros kibble.

Momto2GSDs 01-13-2014 08:01 AM

Many people on this blog has had GREAT success with Kocci Free for Giarida/Coccidia. I would definitely give this natural herbal a try! AMBER TECHNOLOGY Kocci Free I hope others here who have had experience with Kocci Free will jump in.;)

There are a lot of complaints with Nutro dog food. Top 1,548 Complaints and Reviews about Nutro Pet Foods

I'd change to a higher quality kibble like Acana or Nature's VARIETY (not Nature's RECIPE).
Acana:ACANA PET FOODS | Acana click on the "Where To Buy" tab.
Nature's Variety: Nature's Variety click on their store locator.

I'd also wait on the shots until you dog is over this for several weeks. Inoculations pull down the immune system and 70% of the immune system lies in the gut!


kristinloveschief 01-13-2014 08:17 AM

I've been going through this for two months with my 5 month old GSD. Couldn't figure it out... changed his diet, took him to the vet, fecal fine, vet meds wouldn't work.. nothing!! I put it together this past weekend that it may be the Trifexus (flea and heart worm medicine) he's been on that for two months and it's about when I noticed the symptoms. I'm actually going to the vet today to switch him because he's due for his next dose in a few days. Trifexus has been causing a lot of issues and deaths in dogs recently.. And the diarrhea is a symptom from Trifexus! Is your dog on this med? So scary!

GSDAlphaMom 01-13-2014 08:24 AM

It often takes more than one round to completely rid the giardia.

Kaimeju 01-13-2014 09:42 AM

Ugh, Flagyl. I don't have any advice for you but I feel your pain. I hope your pup gets better!

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