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ubctress 01-05-2014 08:29 PM

Lump on belly
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My five month old has a marble sized lump near her bottom nipple. It appeared overnight while she was at the kennel (she is the kennel mascot and spends all her time with the owner). It is firm but not rock hard. It doesn't appear to hurt her and she's not bothering it. I noticed it when I picked her up yesterday.

She's still young so it can't be related to heat nor is it hard like a cancer lump. I'll call the vet tomorrow but just wondering if anyone might know before I can get her in.

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my boy diesel 01-05-2014 08:33 PM


ubctress 01-05-2014 08:57 PM

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Attachment 159658 it has grown since yesterday

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my boy diesel 01-05-2014 09:28 PM

looks like a cyst or abcess
vet visit maybe

ubctress 01-07-2014 01:15 PM

We are going to the vet today - soonest I could get in. Thanks :)

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WVGSD 01-07-2014 03:34 PM

Is the lump on her nipple itself? Might just be a case of an "infected" hair follicle on her tummy (a pimple) that has gotten bigger over time.

ubctress 01-10-2014 12:20 AM

It turned out to be a blood blister - a really large one! The vet thinks it got pinched or another dog nipped at her. It's healing well thank goodness. I swear this pup keeps the vet in business.

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my boy diesel 01-10-2014 03:16 AM

Glad it turned out okay!

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