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Cetan 12-27-2013 11:09 AM

Faelan's been itching a lot more than usual, to the point where we're both raising eyebrows that there might be something wrong. We're thinking because of the winter cold air, and we have the heater going inside, which I know dries me up a bit.

Is there anything to be done about this? I don't know if there's like a dog lotion. :D We give him TOTW mixed with some store-bought chicken (picky eater), so it's not like we're cheapening out on poor dog food or anything.

katro 12-27-2013 11:25 AM

Maybe try supplementing some coconut oil in his food - I've heard great things about it for all sorts of ailments in both people and animals.

Momto2GSDs 12-27-2013 02:58 PM

Got one for ya!;)
Listerine Recipe For Dry Skin
I know it sounds greasy, but it’s really not!
Works well especially on dogs with dandruff and really dry skin. It is really good for dogs that get hot spots too.

In a clean spray bottle add 1/3 cup of baby oil, 1/3 cup of original Listerine (the gold colored one) and 1/3 cup of water.

Shake the bottle to mix and spray lightly on pet and work into coat. Repeat during the week when you see that it has absorbed. Always shake mixture before spraying pet.

The coconut oil is also good. Make sure it is virgin, non gmo, and no hexane. Good quality Krill or Salmon Oil should also be given. Make sure the label says that it has been tested for lead and pcb's.

When was her last vaccination? Did she get a combo with Lepto in it? Dr. Patricia Jordan says that the Lepto can cause itching for 4 years! :eek: It could start right away or months after vaccination!

“Since there are so many Leptospirosis serovars out there, and since the pathogenic strains vary, and since the vaccines cannot guarantee protection from infection, it would make better sense to not inject your dog with any Leptospira vaccines. The trade offs to avoiding adverse events from vaccination - not the least of which can be renal failure within 48 hours of injection, or four years of dermatitis and puritis – would be the human caretakers actually knowing their dog is sick with a pathogenic strain and having their dog presented immediately for treatment.27 To do this, animal guardians need to be aware of the symptoms of Leptospirosis in the dog.”

How to Avoid Vaccination Reactions in Dogs | Truth4Dogs

Why Veterinarians Don't Recognize Vaccine Reactions | Truth4Dogs


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