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emilybyrne 12-19-2013 02:47 AM

Help! new rescue owner
I just (5 days ago) adopted a GSD from a rescue group who got her from a shelter where she was about to be euthanized. She is approximately a year and a half. I adopted her the same day she came to the rescue group. When I met her at the adoption event she was laying down and very calm and did not want to get up to walk or greet. They thought she was scared. When she walked with me she was shaking and looked scared. She is very sweet and has adapted well to my home and me and my cat.

The first couple days she was eager to go ouside and I took her for several long walks and to get bathed. She whines a lot particularly when I leave the room or when she was locked in the laundry room (larger than a extra large crate). She would also whine when I tried to take her for walks even though she liked them. Last night and today she has been whining more than normal (from what I have seen of her normal that is). I got her to eat more food than she has so far but am worried she ate too much. When I tried to get her to go out to potty she did not want to go. And once out did not want to come back in. She whines even when I am in the same room.

Any ideas? Is she in pain? Eat too much? Trying to get attention? Experiencing sadness/anxiety from a new home? I have an appointment in 4 days with the vet but am worried that I should make it sooner.

David Winners 12-19-2013 03:08 AM

If whining is the only symptom, I wouldn't worry too much. I'd still get a good once over at the vet and explain the behavior.

Her world has been shaken up a lot lately. Take it slow and make it fun. Lots of rewards for good behavior. Lots of "good girl" when she's doing something you like. She is probably very insecure about her new surroundings and could use your help figuring out what to do and when to do it. Food treats are great, if she will take them, because eating is incompatible with fear.

If you feel up to it, feeding her through marker training will help solve a lot of problems and help build a bond.

I'm sure you will get some great advice. There are plenty of foster and rescue people here.

David Winners

Blanketback 12-19-2013 10:37 AM

All of us will have different ideas on what we think is the better choice. IMO, a crate is better than being in a separate room - but that's totally dependent on how much room you have, your budget, etc. so I'm not criticizing your choice at all, just mentioning that IMO having her in a crate, where she can sit back and observe, would make her more comfortable than being confined alone.

GSDs can be extremely vocal, lol! She could just be a vocal one - so the whining could just be her personality. IME, being upbeat and confident helps them adjust. So instead of being, "Oh, what's wrong girl?" be more like, "Wow, you have alot of stories! You could write a book!"

I like playing with a new dog too, if you can find what she likes. One of my dogs had only ever played with tennis balls, so that's all he'd play with when I got him. They're all different, and it takes time to find what they like sometimes. Some might rather a rope toy. If you can find a toy she likes, this will help you bond.

Good luck with her! Thanks for giving her a loving home :)

Neko 12-19-2013 10:42 AM

Well obviously I have not met your dog, but ours is a talker. at 8 weeks we were concerned that something was wrong as he would cry after going after his toy, later we realized that he is just a talker. He tells me all about his day when i get home from work.

Magwart 12-19-2013 10:59 PM

Whining for a few days with a dog that FFS (fresh from shelter) is pretty normal. The not wanting to potty on the leash is too--and will have to be worked through (that's a whole separate thread).

I'm a little surprised they adopted her out the same day she came to the group from the shelter. Was she fully vetted by the rescue or the shelter? Does she have a fresh spay incision? If so, had she just been spayed when you got her, and is it healing nicely? If she was FFS and just had surgery, she may have been hurting, esp. with the long walks you describe. Does she trust you enough to gently examine her whole body?

LifeofRiley 12-19-2013 11:14 PM


Originally Posted by Magwart (Post 4700354)
Whining for a few days with a dog that FFS (fresh from shelter) is pretty normal. The not wanting to potty on the leash is too--and will have to be worked through (that's a whole separate thread).

I have to agree with Magwart and David Winners

Many of my foster dogs display similar whining behaviors the fist week... however, with that said, if the dog was adopted out before a thorough vet check, that would be my first stop just to rule out any other cause.

Oh, and congrats on your new dog, my dog was once a whiner fresh out of the shelter (I fostered him) and he is a fantastic dog and companion now : )

katieliz 12-19-2013 11:15 PM

At an adoption event first day out of the shelter...the rescue was taking a huge chance (imho) because they could not possibly have evaluated her thoroughly or competently. We we were just discussing on another thread how many changes these dogs have been through, how frightened and unsure many of them are, how they need lots more time than many people give them to adjust and acclimate. Since you really do not know her well enough to know if she's just a talker, is temporarily stressed, or is actually in pain or distress, I would not wait for a vet visit. ESPECIALLY since the turn around time from shelter to rescue to you was just about nil...this adoption was essentially the same as direct from a shelter. Please have patience with her, no telling what she's been thru. Thank you for helping a shepherd in need.

katieliz 12-20-2013 09:02 AM

I just re-read your post. How unkind and unprofessional of a rescue group to take a frightened dog directly from the shelter to an adoption event (unless there's something I don't understand). It's quite amazing and very kind of you to take her.

You do need to be very careful with and around her for a long time, because you really have a totally unknown situation there and it sounds like she's traumatized.

I want to strongly suggest you get a good sized crate for is not unkind (as many people think)' and is like a den for them, their safe place. Much better than a small strange room.

Please keep posting. All of us here care deeply for these dogs.

sarah1366 12-20-2013 09:30 AM

Sounds like she's naturally vocal most shepherds are what a great thing u did saving her it's also maybe her way of getting your attention but vet check won't go amiss but mine have always been vocal and I love this about gsds my kane always sounds like hes moaning I call him moaning Annie but even does it with cuddles good luck and again a great thing you did she may take time to fully settle but given time shel make great pet and very devoted too

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emilybyrne 12-20-2013 12:56 PM

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I took her to the vet and unfortunately she has some serious medical issues. There is an infection on her spine which is causing intense pain. If the infection had gotten too severe it could have killed or paralyzed her. It is called discospindilytis (sp?). She is still in severe pain but the pain killers and muscle relaxers are helping. If the diagnosis is correct in 4-5 days the antibiotics should make her feel better.

The problem is that she has not pooped or peed for 40 hours now, since it really started hurting her. Just to get her to the vet I had to carry her in my arms (glad I workout) and she yelped the whole time. They got her to walk to the waiting room which was worse. Every time I have coaxed her outside she cries and yelps and just lays in the grass. I'm fine if she goes inside at this point. It's cold here today and I know she will just feel so much better if she pottys. Any suggestions on how to get her to go?

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