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Phantom 12-17-2013 10:31 AM

Broken tooth
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Hi I noticed a while ago that one of Jinx's teeth were broken, and I'm not sure what to do about it. According to this picture it is incisor 203 and based on the size of the other tooth I think a little less than a third broke off. I never saw any bleeding and she hasn't shown any pain, but I read on here they can get infected and was wondering if I need to have it pulled, and if so how much does that cost?

MichaelE 12-17-2013 10:35 AM

How old is Jinx and is this a baby tooth?

Phantom 12-17-2013 12:07 PM

A little over 7 months. I"m pretty sure It's an adult tooth.

jocoyn 12-17-2013 12:16 PM

For an incisor I would be inclined to have the vet pull it out. They have pretty shallow roots relative to the canines and it probably does hurt. Not worth fixing, imo...OTOH that one helps lock the bite so it may be worth capping and have a deeper root.

When Grim had his front row of the middle upper incisors pulled it cost me about $1000 at the vet but there was a good bit of trauma. I would probably guess around $300 to extract and a lot more to cap based on my experience in SC with anesthesia costs.

Def worth a vet visit to explore your options.

Abby142 12-17-2013 12:17 PM

My girl broke incisor 102 in half a few months ago after a head on collision with her sister. The vet said he could pull it, but I felt more comfortable going to a doggie dentist. They pulled it out ad I think it cost me $150. I probably could have had the vet pull it for cheaper, but oh well. The tooth never seemed to bother my girl and it healed up really nicely.

I would take your dog to the vet and get their opinion.

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