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Puppy slipped now limping

It's been raining here for days and everything is wet. Just took him out to potty (still raining) and he slipped on the two stairs up to the porch. Now he's limping and whining. How do I know if it's serious or just sore?

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My pup ran into a post (yeah he was reallllly ball focused), bounced off and kept going. he came up limping. I would limit activity. He may have pulled/strained a muscle and it's a bit sore. No jumping, running like a crazy person, etc. You may have to leash him and do more crate rest. My pup was on crate rest for 2 weeks and then I kept him on reduced activity for another 2 just to make sure. However, his was a bit more ... extreme. Maybe just make him take it easy a few days and see how he does.

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theres no way to know if it's serious by just looking at him. my take on it is if he is limping you can wait a few days to see if it gets better (hopefully a strain or pulled something). if he is whining then i'd take him to the vet. whining means he's in a lot of pain. my dog has crashed HARD at full speed a couple of times and he'd limp for a few minutes but never whined. the only time he whined was when he had pano and was limping severely. if nothing else you can take him to the vet to get medication to help with the pain.
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If your dog allows this, see if you can compare the good limb with the injured one. If you see redness or swelling, I'd call the vet and see what they think being it's probably getting close to closing time in your area.

If nothing looks abnormal, just rest your dog, keep movements to a minimum and see if there are any anti-inflamatory medication your dog can take, your vet may help with aspirin dosage. If he is still whining now, I'd take him to the vet.
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i would run my hand up and down the affected limb and see how he reacts, might take care of itself or you may have to see the vet. for me it is simple, when in doubt call the vet.
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Does it warrant a trip to the vet?

I injured my pup playing fetch with him (after I had poured his little plastic pool out) and he slipped over on the wet concrete during the middle of a sprint to the other side of our backyard. Yes, very intelligent of me. But he was fine at the time, didn't care at all. Just wanted to play more fetch.

The next day, his back right leg had a limp, which went away pretty quickly in three or four days max, without much rest or anything, just normal routine.

Except I've just noticed his back left leg has got a really bad limp now :/ he's eating fine, but he's depressed. Barely wants to move, and walking around and getting up looks like it's a pain for him. There's no pain when I squeeze any part of his leg bone or his paw.

Is it vet time? Or should I wait it out? It's been about two to three days with no noticeable improvement. How long do these things usually take to heal up by themselves? And any idea as to why the first limp appeared the next day after the incident, subsided quick and easy, and this limp has appeared now and seems pretty bad and painful? He won't stand or walk or sit properly.
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Well the left leg did double duty without rest, and so now he has strained his other leg. I would take to chiropractor (this is personal preference) IF, not heat, swelling, obvious tenderness. Often a back pull can mirror a leg injury (as well as putting a knee out from the slip, which can easily be gently maneuvered into place).. If you don't do chiropractic care definitely a vet visit.. Puppies are growing so fast, you don't want to wait on an injury that can affect growth plates. Definitely restrict movement, maybe do a warm bath and see if pup is eased in pain by the heat... (it's been several dsys). Just my .02
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For OP, some pups are more dramatic then others. I have one pup who could hit with a tree trunk and might give a whine bit grumble about it more, and another pup who if you barely brush your foot over his paw yelps like you stepped on it. Both are well adjusted, but one is tougher and takes the pain, the other let's you know the moment it happens (except when playing with his sister, then he is tough as nails ; probably just figured out the love and kisses thing, lol). Anyhow, if he is obviously still yelping at times, whining when not moving or if moving, then something is hurt most likely... Dogs don't fake pain
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I am sorry for both your pups situations.. I hope they are both ok
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I hope they will be alright, but you should visit your veterinarian
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