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duckieflipflops 12-10-2012 10:48 PM

Vaginitis vs UTI?
I took my GSD mix Harlow to the vet today. I was worried she had a UTI. she's been peeing in segments every time we're outside and now inside she started leaving trails of pee without even knowing it last night, and I mean all the way around the coffee table. She's been doing good with house training she paws at the door when she has to go out but sometimes she'll just pee without any warning whatsoever, without even sniffing just while standing. She also has to go outside to pee almost every half hour, it's been driving me crazy as it's getting so cold outside. Of course when we were at the vet she would not give up a urine sample but she did apparently have a pretty bad case of vaginitis. With the symptoms I described they felt confident in prescribing her an antibiotic and I've already noticed the swelling going down in her lady parts since she started them when we got home. Do you think this was right? I don't want to overmedicate her.

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