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ILGHAUS 02-24-2014 09:19 PM

CA Informational Hearing: Fake Service Dogs
Meeting held today in CA Senate

Hearing on the possible use of fake Service Dogs and fake identification by Individuals to obtain Special Access to Housing, Public Places or Airports/Airlines for their animal.

Outcome of this meeting could change CA State Statutes on Assistance Dogs.

Gretchen 02-25-2014 01:15 AM

It is about time! In a state that over regulates everything, this area has been neglected. I hope my representative will be at the hearing.

sechattin 02-25-2014 02:57 AM

We need this in Texas as well! WAY too many fake service dogs, at least in my area. One woman in particular stands out in my mind. Constantly pushing her two yappy chihuahuas around in a stroller with fake service ID's clipped to the front. They bark and howl and growl at everything, but the store owners in the area are too nervous to challenge the legitimacy of her "service dogs". She told me outright that she bought the badges online so her landlord couldn't kick her out for having the dogs and then said "but being able to take them everywhere also makes me feel nice, so they're still doing me a service!" That's NOT a service dog, lady!

ILGHAUS 02-25-2014 03:11 AM

California may crack down on fake service dogs
California News Monday, February 24, 2014
Coleen Sullivan

"Lying about your pet being a service dog is a misdemeanor. Lawmakers will be exploring the issue, including asking the state boards to review the process for authorizing use of service dogs."

California may crack down on fake service dogs |

Chip18 02-25-2014 03:18 AM

WOW, the lows that some folks will sink to never cease to amaze...

Cheyanna 02-27-2014 03:15 PM

Under one statute in Ca, it is a felony to lie. In Ca, you can get an assistance dog tag from the county. I hope that they will require people to get them instead of something off the internet.

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brembo 02-27-2014 03:23 PM

Supervisors/managers of public establishments SHOULD be able to ask for official paperwork. Something that legitimizes the service animal without revealing anything personal about the persons "condition". The situations where the paperwork is asked for should be outlined as well, not just for kicks or to harass a person and certainly not at the request of another patron(someone who is uncomfortable around animals).

Sp00ks 02-27-2014 03:29 PM

I've looked into it briefly here in NC and there is official certifications and licensing. Stores are still not allowed to ask though. I believe that is federal.

I would like to get our pup certified eventually to assist my wife.

misslesleedavis1 02-27-2014 03:36 PM

Can you order them online?

ILGHAUS 02-27-2014 04:01 PM

There are no official "papers" at either the Federal or State levels. No county or state can require to be shown any papers or ID in order for someone to take their SD into a location under the handler's Public Access Rights.

There are no official evaluators to certify a Service Dog. Individual training facilities certify that an individual dog has met their own in-house requirements. Few organizations will certify a dog that has not been trained by them. Many organizations now breed their own dogs.

Register on-line and you are buying certificates at a high cost that can be made with most home computers. Any paperwork, patches or IDs purchased through these Internet businesses carry no legal standing. The majority of these companies are now located outside of the U.S. so that they do not fall under U.S. law -- yes, even the ones with U.S. flags, Dept. of Homeland Security, or the words United States as part of their logos and letterhead.

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