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The logistics of raising a second puppy

For those of you who have an adult dog, then decided to get a second puppy, what are your routines like?

For example, do you take the puppy out, potty, come back in, take the adult dog out, potty, come back, feed one, feed the other, AND THEN...

Take the puppy out, train, come back in, take the adult dog out, train, come back in....AND THEN...

Walk the puppy/train, come back in, take the adult dog for a walk, come back in in....

In other words, are you doing everything TWICE (at least for the 1st year of the puppy's life to encourage independence and avoid dog dependence)?

Sounds kind of like a full time job and a total nightmare in the deep freezing winter!
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My 2yr old and 8 month old do everything together and always have since bringing home the younger one at 8 weeks. We seperate for training only. I'll take one in the bedroom or for a walk while wife trains in the living room.
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Our pup is almost 6 months, Tessa is 3. They go out together for most things, especially potty breaks. The older dog is a good example for our outside rules.
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I do a little of everything. Sometimes I let them out by themselves, sometimes with one other dog, sometimes all together. If it's rainy and muddy I want them to go potty and come right back in, so one at a time or a pair that isn't likely to play. They train together and seperately. For walks I take a couple at a time. For events I try to take 2-3 of them and rotate those. I'm actually making a schedule for mine for next summer. I have 6 dogs, each dog gets one day of the week for training, a hike,etc. Sundays will be my day of rest, who am I kidding, that is group day

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I have a smaller breed of puppy (Border Collie x Whippet) so I do a crate and rotate situation, and walk them separately. Pup hangs out in ex pen while big dog is loose, then my GSD is crated for a bit while pup gets free time.

My GSD likes the pup, but plays really roughly, so I keep them separated for the time being so she doesn't flatten him like a pancake.

It definitely adds a lot more work, but I'm hoping once the pup is bigger they can do more together and be out together. I crate at feeding time, so there's no issues.
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A little of both It is double the work, especially for the first year that's for sure. Puppy classes, vet visits, training classes, obedience sessions - completely 1 on 1. Socialization is mostly 1 on 1 but I would bring Jazzy sometimes

Even now, even though both dogs are older I still do both group and individual sessions and things. Depends on what it is, how I feel that day, and how the dogs are behaving


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When I had a puppy, Athena, with Titan when he was 2 years, and Athena was a weeee 12 weeks I did a little of independence and a little together. Honestly most was together. Titan knows "go potty" so in the mornings, I would tell him to "go potty" and Athena would be on a leash and told to "go potty" as well. Potty breaks in the afternoon went the same way, as well as in the evenings when I was home from work.

Feedings were done at the same time. Monitored but in the same room and same time. Training was done both ways. Some days when I didn't have a lot of time. I would take them both out. This was Titan's time to work on his "down, stay" Which was pretty solid anyways. I would do the usual "sit, down, here" quickly with both. Take a break and then out Titan in a "down, stay" far enough away that he wasn't a distraction, yet close enough to toss a treat to him periodically. Athena and I would work on everything for a few minutes while Titan did his "stay" and then at the end, I would bring them together for a final "good job!" command and treat. I liekd the idea of training Titan's "stay" at the same time. It was like killing 2 birds with one stone, especially if I was running short on time. Then, always, play time. The only true seperation they got would be while I was at work or at night time while we slept. Athena was in her crate and Titan was allowed to roam the house. At night, Athena was crated downstairs and Titan in my room.

Oh and professional training. I took Athena to puppy classes and Titan to different OB classes. They were one after the other so it made it easy. Drove to the facility, left one in my car during the first class, then a swap. It was winter months, car stayed cool, don't worry! That was always seperate though... the professional training.

It was a little more work, having sometimes to do training seperately and playtime seperately, but mostly it wasn't too different They were both very independent and didn't need eachother really. Both were more interested in what I was doing, and what I wanted them to do than eachother.. though they played together quite a bit after a while.


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It is most difficult during potty training. I don't want my puppy playing with the adult dog when he/she should be going potty. I also don't want my adult dog harassing my puppy when he/she should be going potty.

I also find when I do my potty dance, my adult dog thinks it's all about him/her and will get excited and dance with me. My puppy loses the plot has no idea why they potty dance even started.

Everything else is pretty much a shared experience.

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My dogs have very little interaction together until after 18 months. They will be walked together, but I don't allow "wrestling" with each other. We are there to exercise, they can explore, sniff etc but it isn't a mobile WWE ring.

I train everyday, each dog separately, then 1-2 times a week we do a group training session, usually as part of a walk, but sometimes one dog working, the others in a long down. When prepping for a trial we can train up to 4 hours a day - so I just rotate through the dogs and work on the exercises each specific dog needs to tighten up on.

They can be loose in the house together while supervised, but again, no playing. They play with myself, or the helper LOL, but not together.

Sometimes, not often, I do let them have a "free time" together and they can play and chase each other, so long as it stays respectful and nothing escalates. I will read a book or work on my laptop and supervise.

The young dogs are pottied separately from the older dogs who can go out together since they know it is potty time and will go right away.

Feeding is always seperate and usually in their crates.

I have 7 permanent dogs and 3 puppies waiting for new homes - honestly going from 1 to 2 dogs was SO hard, then 2-3 was definitely trying ( I wondered why I chose to punish myself like that!!). After 3, you barely notice you are getting up at 5am to get everyone pottied and fed before work LOL and not going to bed until 10pm so everyone is trained, exercised, pottied and fed before bed.....and lunch hours - what are those? I use mine to train and walk dogs....
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