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intothevoiddd 07-11-2014 10:06 AM

Cat problems
I need some advice. I have been really working with my 3.5 month old pup to get him to stop play fighting with my cat, but I'm running into an issue.

Whenever I try and work with my dog on behaving around the cat, he's perfectly fine. If he is leashed to me he doesn't even attempt to bother the cat. If treats are out he won't even look at the cat. But, as soon as he isn't leashed to me or there isn't food around he goes totally bonkers and starts play fighting with the cat. The cat is absolutely NO help as he instigates the dog and will start play fights with them. I would say it is 50/50 between who starts the play fighting.

It's like it isn't sticking with him that he's supposed to behave around the cat all the time. As soon as he realizes there's no reward for being nice to the cat, he just goes for it.

I keep him blocked off in my living room with baby gates, but the cat likes to jump the gates and come in. I have lots of toys for him available, but literally as soon as I turn my back they're at it. It's driving me nuts. He won't even respond to commands when he is focused on the cat.

llombardo 07-11-2014 10:24 AM

My female was like that with the cats. The cats were not afraid of her and would start with her all the time. I taught her leave it and it worked sometimes. She completely grew out of it as she got older and now she sleeps with them. My male wants to play with them but he is to big and to vocal, just overbearing, he is a work in progress.

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