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odins_raven 07-11-2014 09:29 AM

Parvo/illness exposure risk
Wanted to get some opinions on what the true risk of exposure is to parvo and other illnesses that un-vaccinated pups are vulnerable to. Our breeder said we should be taking our pup with us everywhere we go to expose him to different surroundings early on, but i have read quite a bit warning against bringing a young pup in public places. He is about 10weeks old and has had his first round of puppy shots, will be getting his second round next week.

Places like dog parks i would think would be a breeding ground for puppy illnesses since there are tons of dogs around who might carry one of the illnesses, so we have been avoiding those. But what about bringing him into stores (pet store, home depot, etc.) or in the city? I am thinking there cant be THAT great a risk of taking them in clean public places because people who live in the city get puppies and i have never heard of overwhelming cases of puppies in the city getting illnesses.

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