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Declan 07-07-2014 09:42 PM

Bringing a puppy home at 7 weeks?
I've seen some other threads on this, but they were old, so I wanted to know if we have any new information about this. Is bringing a GSD puppy home at 7 weeks acceptable? I thought 8 weeks was minimum and 12 weeks was best? If a breeder is letting people bring puppies home at 7 weeks, should they be written off regardless of their popularity? We're experienced, and we have a very tolerant older female dog, but I'm wondering if this is an unforgivable red flag if the breeder is otherwise fantastic.

AnyaGSD 07-07-2014 09:45 PM

I read several books that said day 49 is best. We were told 8 weeks, but the vet gave the all clear at 7 weeks and we couldn't resist. As long as you are prepared for the pup it should be fine.

Jax08 07-07-2014 09:46 PM

It's illegal in most states to send them home prior to 8 weeks. However, one of the best dogs I've ever had was brought home at 49 days.

Declan 07-07-2014 09:46 PM


I didn't even think to check that, Jax. It's legal here. No laws whatsoever regarding the matter, unfortunately... I guess you could even sell someone a newborn.

Moriah 07-07-2014 10:01 PM

I brought my puppy home @ 9 weeks because the litter wasn't broken up until 8.5 weeks. My trainer said that 7 weeks was a better time.

alexg 07-07-2014 11:42 PM

One week makes a difference?

Declan 07-08-2014 12:42 AM

This makes me feel a lot better, thanks. We raised a wolfdog puppy from about 4 weeks and didn't have any problems with his bite inhibition, though he was a resource guarder (good luck finding one that's not though). So I'm not worried about us, just the dog!

warpwr 07-08-2014 01:18 AM

Maybelline was abandoned in my daughter-in-laws front yard at maybe 4-5 weeks old. She's most likely a res-dog being found within a 1/4 mile of an Indian reservation.
Zazzle is a bred dog and we got her at 4 months old.

Maybelline gave us the least "puppy" problems of any of our dogs ever and I'd say Zazzle is pretty easy as well.
Both ends of the spectrum.

Seems to me seven weeks is fine. I think here, California, is an 8-week state.

Declan 07-08-2014 03:06 AM

Thanks for your input, Warpwr!

RiverDan 07-08-2014 07:24 PM

Not to hijack your thread, but my concern is similar.

We are in the process of getting a new boy. I would like to being him home at 9 weeks. I read a lot of how GSDs really benefit from an extra week. Also I will have two weeks vacation at his 9th week.
Is this a good idea?

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