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wyowolf 06-23-2014 08:02 AM

GSD's are intelligent right??
I guess this is just a humor thread...
Kansas LOVES to take her water bowl and either

1. Dump it all over before she gets a drink out of it!!
2. put her paws in it and splash all the water out of it!!

mind you its pretty hot outside now!!

trying to keep her waterbowl full in the summertime seems to be a chore!!

I have to keep reminding myself she is very intelligent.. because sometimes I really have to wonder!!

My2shepherds 06-23-2014 08:43 AM

One of my pups does the same exact thing... as soon as I give her fresh clean water Eden will go over put both front paws in the bowl and jump up and down in the water till splashes all of it out and turns it into a mud pit in her bowl... it does make you question their intelligence at times! :laugh:

wyowolf 06-23-2014 08:49 AM

yes! even the times she does drink she is constantly putting her paws in it and splashing it around!

im like , why would you want to drink dirty water???

My2shepherds 06-23-2014 08:56 AM

Yeah, it makes absolutely no sense at all. I thought at first it was because she was hot and enjoyed being wet so I brought out the hose... my 4 mo. old pup loved it but Eden (13 wks.) wanted nothing to do with it, so I got out the baby pool still no interest from Eden guess the water bowl is the pool of choice! LOL I have threatened to get her a trough like is used for cattle just so she will not be able to splash it all out. It kind of worries me for when I am at work. I do not want her to go that long without water in this heat.

wyowolf 06-23-2014 09:08 AM

Exactly, I got one of those water bottles that hang on the kennel, hopefully that will ensure she has at least some water to drink when i am away...

My2shepherds 06-23-2014 09:33 AM

I will have to try that.. maybe there is hope for her yet and this is just a phase. lol I was beginning to think she was just not very intelligent at all. Eden is the complete opposite of Athena and I figured maybe brains did not run in her mother's side of the family as they share bloodline on the fathers' side.

Atika 06-23-2014 10:27 AM

My Dutch and Sophie like to stick their whole head in the bucket. They also dig in the smaller water bowls. I am convinced they are splashing their belly to keep cool : )

HarleyTheGSD 06-23-2014 11:19 AM


Originally Posted by Atika (Post 5678649)
My Dutch and Sophie like to stick their whole head in the bucket. They also dig in the smaller water bowls. I am convinced they are splashing their belly to keep cool : )

My boys do that too. :)
They will also try to bite at the silly. :rolleyes:

petite 06-23-2014 12:49 PM

Fawn hasn't bothered her indoor water dish yet but she is a pain with the garden hose. She spends a good amount of time dragging the hose to us for play and snapping at the stream while we water the plants.

wyowolf 06-23-2014 12:53 PM

I used to have an indoor one, after about the 3rd straight time of just dumping it out, fresh tap water, I quit doing it...

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