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owens91 06-15-2014 05:30 PM

webiste for dog food
I was looking at websites that sells dog food at a good price. I went inside petco and I couldn't find oijin large puppy brand. If anybody knows anything please let me know

Cassidy's Mom 06-15-2014 06:29 PM

I buy my Orijen online from I've also bought from I've had no problems with either, but I switched to Chewy after the prices started rising at Doggiefood. I think they're comparable again, but at the time there was a significant price difference.

Chewy's customer service is stellar - one time there was a shortage of the large bags due to an oven fire at the manufacturing plant (nothing at all to do with Chewy), and because they couldn't ship my order for a week or two they offered me several small bags for the same price as a large bag, and it actually ended up being several extra pounds of food for free. They send a card at Christmas with a nice greeting, and they also shipped a free bag of Orijen freeze dried treats per bag of dog food, (I get one Adult and one 6 Fish), which for me was about a $25 value. I sent them a thank you email and they responded within a couple of hours. A lot of companies say they appreciate their customers, but with Chewy I feel like they actually do, because that's how they treat them.

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