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crisco78 06-10-2014 09:11 PM

Older dog not eating now that puppy is here
I have a 3.5 yo female and added an 8 week old male on Wednesday. My adult dog isn't eating now, she isn't even taking her favorite of treats at this point.

She has never been food motivated and I assume she will eat when she is hungry enough, but is there something I can do to help the process along?

Nigel 06-10-2014 10:30 PM

Just make sure she gets plenty of love and attention, maybe even more so than normal. If she enjoys fetch, take her out for an extra session, etc.... If people are making a fuss over the new pup, make sure to do the same with her. Hopefully she'll come around quickly and her appetite will return.

Broncs 06-11-2014 01:55 AM

I agree with Nigel! I just did introductions of a new 8 week old and my 3.5 yr old GSD and a 3 yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback. The older GSD was easy! As he is a very unique caretaker. Believe it or not he will actually gently herd the chickens and ducks into their pen! the RR is a bit more difficult she's not aggressive by any means but she will take time to come around. So just be patient and make sure the older dog gets lots of attention!

crisco78 06-11-2014 12:00 PM

We have been making a point to love her up, and having the kids do the same. She loves to go for a run, so I walked her last night and took her for a run this morning. She is very mothering and gentle with the pup, but just not eating.

Poor thing. I hope it passes soon :(

whitbit317 06-11-2014 01:50 PM

I've been having the same problem, but when I added yogurt to my other dog's food she couldn't refuse. Might be something to try. And like you said, they will eat when they get hungry enough.

crisco78 06-11-2014 10:05 PM

After I fed Ruger (the pup) in his crate and let him out, Maya (the 3.5 yo) went into the crate to eat the stray kibble, then just sat in there. Her dinner sat untouched, so I made her a dish of his food and put it in the crate with her. She ate it, until he came over and stuck his head in.

I crated him and fed her outside of the crate and she finished the bowl.

I have perhaps created a monster, but at least she ate!

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