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Godzilla 06-05-2014 01:49 PM

Is this normal for a 4 month old puppy?
we just got our 4 month old female today, she isnt as active as most shepherds ive seen.
She is very reluctant to climb steps in our house unless absolutely necessary. The one time she ran down the steps chasing our other dog, she started whining as she mustve hurt her leg.
She also does not run much, just walks although she seems fine walking. She doesnt whine otherwise, and seems healthy overall. Is this normal for the first day? Should they be more active and able to run fast and jump?
Thanks very much :)

martemchik 06-05-2014 01:54 PM

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Young dogs don't really realize they can do a lot of the things. It took my dog quite a bit of time to realize how easily he could jump on the couch...even when he could clearly jump that high.

Not sure what your pup's upbringing was, but often times a 4 month old if kept at a breeder's will be mostly a kennel dog so it hasn't experienced different things. I'd think of her as if she was just 2 months old at this point and not expect a whole lot until she figures out the different challenges around her.

Godzilla 06-05-2014 05:13 PM

Thank you!

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