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Amyc 05-24-2014 06:34 AM

Two Female GSD Rescues - 2 puppies at the same time (no yelling please - admin)
Our daughter rescued two female sister GSD mixes @ 10 wks old. At the time, she was not aware of the female/female issues that can occur. She will be spaying them. They are now 13 wks old. My husband and I are available and assist her in raising/training them. We are around to have regular daily contact with them. They are in basic obedience training now and we work with them several times a day. We hope to succeed in keeping the girls together, but are very aware of what could happen. When they do romp, it is 50/50 as to who will dominate. What tips or guidance can anyone provide what are your experiences here and who has had success in this situation? Thanks for any additional insight... :):help:

Mary Beth 05-24-2014 05:28 PM

Your daughter and her 2 sister pups are lucky to have your support. I can't speak from experience as I have only every had one dog at a time. Sometimes one brings about what one fears, so I can recommend positive thinking :) I would think having them as sister pups would be a strong factor in them getting along as other threads that I have been on mention that the bond can be very strong in sibling pups who are raised together. Again from other threads, problems can happen also with 2 male puppies. For raising 2 sibling gsd pups, my breeder did sell 2 male pups from the same litter. And it turned out very well and the couple also had a dachshund. Like you, they had a plan and the pups were trained. One pup was more stubborn and bold, the other more easy going and easier to train. When the dogs were a year-old, they visited the breeder who posted a photo - both dogs sitting so nicely, and she commented that they were very well behaved. So best of luck with your 2 sister pups!

Nigel 05-24-2014 07:28 PM

We have female litter mates, they have turnout well, no issues, they'll be four in July. We kept them busy with training for the first two years or so, my wife worked one and I the other. Its said here, you should keep them separated most of the time in order to build a bond with them or they could end up bonding more with each other, however we didn't do this. We kept them in a spare room together while at work until they eventually got the freedom to roam the house. We trained separately for most classes, only had two classes together and that was later on due to timing and class availability.

Even though we did a number of things "wrong", I think between constant training and a little luck, our situation worked out. There's a thread on raising two pups here that you might want to check out.

shepherdmom 05-25-2014 10:50 AM

I've never raised two female puppies together but I did raise two males from the same litter. They did fine their whole lives. :)

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