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bri08 05-07-2014 01:56 AM

first heat !
Luna's now 8month just got her first period today .. help what do I do ? what should I expect ? how do I help her ? I don't want to breed her just want to wait till she's older to fix her ..

give me your thoughts and opinion on this my first dog !

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KayDub 05-07-2014 03:09 AM

I can't help as far as GSD aspects as I'm a first time owner of an 8wk old girl. But I do have an Australian Shepherd thats 8yrs and isn't spayed. Some basic tips I could share is if you don't want to breed her then go outside with her for potty breaks or what not to ward off any boys that come your way as they can come from all over they often do here and I dont even have neighbors! Use an outdoor kennel if you want to keep her out for extended periods of time without being present, and they do make diapers specifically for dogs but like i said i cant speak for a GSD but I just buy baby diapers for my aussie cut a hole for the tail and when the tape starts to not hold well i use a slice of duct tape to give it better hold haha....I know its not a lot of help but its a basic start for you.. also be warned she can get a bad case of the humps so i hope you have obedience training started on her and you can just tell her no when she tries to hump you or things you do not want her mounting.

Athena'sMom 05-07-2014 09:08 AM

My girl is on her first heat as well! She is a hot mess! She has a very heavy flow, and she is a long stock coat. She did not tolerate doggie diapers. she shredded them. She has a strong odor as well, UGH. I had to shave her down a bit as her long floofies got matted with her menstruation. I try to bath her every other day. Unfortunately she is spending a lot of time crated. I give her lots of activity toys and get her out to exercise several time a day. She can not be loose in the house as she won't keep diapers on. Every dog is different so hopefully your girl tolerates the diapers. She is on her second week and her flow has slowed down a bit but now I am dealing with keeping her and my 5 1/2 month male separated. I am taking zero chances! NO PUPPIES for Athena! So when one pup is out the other is away in their crate. A lot more work for me with keeping my beasties safe.
Good luck with your female, hopefully her heat will go smoother for you!

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