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anitram 05-06-2014 01:38 PM

Leaving puppy behind while we are away
I will probably sound like a crazy furmama but this will be the first time that I'm away from Hans since we got him. My husband has gone on a couple of business trips but I haven't had to be away. We are both going away in mid-May for 4 nights. He will be 4.5 months/20 weeks old.

Hans will be staying with my parents. They absolutely love him and my Dad comes over every day at 2:30 pm to let him out, play with him, train him a bit. We use this together with a dog walker who comes in at 11:30 am so that Hans isn't crated all day while we are at work. He loves my Dad and is quite attached to him. We go to my parents' for Sunday brunch every week and he comes with us each time. We have also left him there for the rest of the Sunday afternoon a couple of times to get him used to it. He has his own crate there, his own food/drink dishes and toys.

My parents will take 2 days off work when he is with them and the other 2 are weekend days so he will not be left alone in their home except for short times while they go shopping, etc. We'll leave a bunch of his toys there along with a bully stick and a himalayan dog chew or two which is his favourite.

Anything else we should do? He sleeps in a crate in our bedroom at night so I've managed to convince my parents to put the crate in their room at night because I think he will be quieter/better behaved if he's right next to them.

I am just so attached to him. :wub: I don't want him to be sad or think we've abandoned him! We were supposed to go to Ireland later this summer and changed our plans and instead rented a crazy nice cottage in eastern Ontario so that he can come with me crazy, I know.

gnet158 05-07-2014 06:27 PM

Tuff situation, if I were you I'd get him as used to your parents as possible. Every overnight stays so he knows you'll come back to him. Our boy's name is Hans too. Good luck and prepare them for him crying.

K9POPPY 05-07-2014 06:56 PM

Trust me, he will be just fine, he's so lucky to have your parents- dogs do not really sense time length- you have done everything well to prepare him, he will just be excited to be with your parents, he will have a blast. Don't worry, be happy for him!!!! IMHO! Bob Ps, this will be good for him, someday you may indeed go somewhere without him?:-)

Liesje 05-07-2014 07:05 PM

I think it's a good time to leave him for the first time. On the whole, GSDs tend to be more clingy, some more prone to separation anxiety, harder to settle in the house (especially young). I go to Florida for a week each April and have had the opportunity to take a dog but always leave my GSDs behind so that they get a full week each year learning that life goes on even if mom is away and they're with a friend for a week. I do take them to tournaments and events, some 9 hours drive and several states away, but I like to have a week where they are not only in a new environment but being cared for by someone else. Legend was 5 months old when I was gone in April and Nikon was 6.5 months the first time I boarded him with a friend (for both this was a brand new place and a completely "strange" person).

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