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Diesel7602 05-02-2014 03:35 PM

Does any one brush their had every day?
I tire every night before I put my boy to bed, brushing him. I use the one that gets the under coat every other day, and the brush and shine brush every day. At each time he has a lot of fur, and I notice his adult hair coming in fast.(He always looks so skinny:D) I distract him with a good chewy while I do this so he hold still and doesn't try to Bite. I don't know if it's necessary to brush every day, but I like bonding with him, and hopefully he will be got at the cleaners after his rabies.

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Diesel7602 05-02-2014 03:36 PM

Sorry that was supposed to be gsd in the title, not had .(stupid spell check ):banghead:

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FuzzButtMum 05-02-2014 03:51 PM

I brush Finnick everyday :) mostly to get him used to it (he normally falls asleep whilst i'm doing it because he loves it). I also have to do it because he's long haired (well, it's all baby fluff still atm) it tends to get a bit knotty, so I have to de - knot him lol

I think it's a good idea to do it everyday because otherwise they will be a pain in the neck to try when they are big and not used to it :\

SuperG 05-02-2014 03:52 PM

I pretty much brush her most every day....giver her a quick slicker brushing usually. The heavier combs and rakes are for "special" days.


NancyJ 05-02-2014 04:19 PM

I answered no before but realize I do, in fact, give a brush every day after my evening tick check. I have to keep the coat open enough to do that. But only in the summer. In the winter maybe I brush once every few weeks.

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