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PMRonan 04-27-2014 01:16 AM

Bleeding Nails
I was walking Jager and I noticed a his paw was bleeding. I freaked out, was checking his pads and realized it was his nails. I was worried but I don't really have access to many places to walk him without being on pavement. So any suggestions? I really need to figure something, like most puppies, without exercise AND a walk every day, he goes ballistic.

onyx'girl 04-27-2014 08:48 AM

There is an autoimmune disorder that causes the nails to shred/slough off....not sure if that is what is going on with your pup or not. Was the pavement hot? Most healthy dogs can handle walking on pavement or gravel with no issues.
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pyratemom 04-27-2014 10:23 AM

He may have stumbled and dragged his foot causing the nail to wear down to the quick. But, you should take him somewhere that you can have a friend watch his gait to make sure he isn't dragging a foot for some reason such as early signs of dysplasia. When Pyrate got older, when he was tired he would drag one of his back feet. It just didn't flip over as fast as it should to walk properly and caused his nails to drag. I got him a bootie for that foot. He hated it but it did help his foot heal. I always tried to walk him on soft grass as he got older so it was easier on him. Hard surfaces seemed to wear his nails too much.

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