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Diesel7602 04-25-2014 03:54 PM

Ugh...My pup is losing his puppy smell
What do y'all do to clean your pup? I was giving him his own bath at home tell he gets his rabies shot, then off to the cleaner ever 8weeks. I tried to give him a bath last night and it sucked. He is so much bigger now and he hates the bath. He struggles the whole time. I'm not that big of a girl to man handle him in the tub :confused: I think I get more wet then he does.

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Zeeva 04-25-2014 04:20 PM

I usually bathe them outside...and tie them to something. My husky hates water. I've learned that if you hold their scruff skin, it stops them from shaking...

igottabecrazy 04-25-2014 04:27 PM

We use the DIY dog wash at one of the pet stores. So far so good. Everything looked pretty clean in the wash room each time we have used it. I bring my own shampoo and towels. $10 for 20 minutes. I do have to bring my 15-year-old with me - Indie still struggles quite a bit - they are always much stronger than they look. There is hair and water everywhere when we finish. We clean up what we can. They also have squeegies in the room to dry the wet floor.

The only downside - I didn't go in the winter since I towel dry her instead of using the blow dryer. She has been kind of itchy and I didn't want to dry her skin out even more.

I think I have an alternative plan going forward. Tractor Supply sells these huge oblong tubs that have a drain at the bottom of the side where you can hook up a hose. They are about $70. I have a hot and cold water connection in the corner of my basement and room to keep one of these tubs there. I could drain it with a hose into the floor drain. Getting her in and out safely is the next problem to solve since they are almost waist high.

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