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Drew Orleans 04-16-2014 09:15 AM

13 week old threw up stomach bile.
At 5:00 this morning my little dude threw up, 2 different times, a small amount of stomach bile. It didn't have anything else in it that I could see, just a yellowish/slightly green liquid. He seems to be acting normal and still had his appetite, but we will be keeping a close eye on him...

Is this normal for puppies to do time to time or am I justified in being a little alarmed.

Shade 04-16-2014 09:20 AM

He was probably hungry, try a small snack before bedtime and see if that helps :)

Courtney 04-16-2014 09:21 AM

He may just have an empty stomach. You could try a little snack before bed or feed his last meal later.

If the vomiting continues take note and consult with your vet. I do however think it's just an empty stomach.

Drew Orleans 04-16-2014 09:26 AM

Awesome, glad to hear. Didn't realize they puke when hungry.

I usually feed 4 times a day:
-5:30 a.m.
-9:00 a.m.
-5:00 p.m.
-7:30 p.m.

Didn't want to feed him too late so he won't have to go at night.

He's been fine every other night, but last night I actually changed it a bit. I did everything normal but trained with food as treats around 8:30. It wasn't very much though, just a handful.

If he did puke from an empty stomach, it's weird that it happened last night when I did my training session later than normal...

Courtney 04-16-2014 09:48 AM

Rusty would sometimes puke bile in the early morning. I would give him a biscuit, little cup of yogurt, spoonful of tripe - his favorite frozen sardines:) before bed. Just something in his stomach and then he was fine.

If she's eating, drinking, peeing/pooping, normal energy she just may have had an upset tummy. But of course keep an eye on her like you mentioned.

Stosh 04-16-2014 03:51 PM

Stosh used to do that- actually still does on occasion. I give him a small handful of kibble before bedtime and that takes care of it. The 10 hrs overnight might be too long for your pup to have an empty stomach. Some people give ginger snaps for a late night snack that seems to help

Sunflowers 04-16-2014 03:56 PM

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He won't have to go at night. Try a snack before bed.

That being said, some are sensitive to certain proteins. Hans always vomited bile until I did some testing on him and found out he is not supposed to eat anything but lamb and beef.

DixieGSD 04-16-2014 04:29 PM

Agree with what everyone said. Dixie will do that still, on occasion. Usually when she doesn't have a snack before bed.

K9POPPY 04-16-2014 08:22 PM

A small amount of bile is fairly normal with most breeds- something we encounter fairly often at the kennel. Seems to occur during the night or very early morning, usually on an empty stomach, thought to be possibly caused by excitement or agitation. Bob

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