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Daisyline 03-29-2014 12:32 PM

The quite before the storm?
So we have a 12 week old pup and literally he has been the perfect pup. He whines we he needs to go out at night then pees immediately. There hasn't been one accident in the house. When we take him out in public he just sits at my feet and people watches then if someone comes up and wants to meet him he is very friendly and he even tolerated a little kid today great no jumping or biting and the little kid was all in his face and everything. He just seems to perfect I'm wondering if I'm going to be In for it later or did we just luck out and get a really great temperament dog ?

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Cassidy's Mom 03-29-2014 12:38 PM

Too soon to tell, but maybe. :) Dena was wonderful right from the beginning - she was never a destructive chewer, didn't have a reactive bone in her body, and was great with people, especially kids, who she adored.

But the best way to assure that he remains the terrific puppy he is right now is to keep up the good work with his training and socialization. It's always better to be proactive about preventing issues that to have to try and fix them later, once they've become established.

Daisyline 03-29-2014 12:49 PM

He does get a bit mouthy when in play mode but if we go for an outside play time for about ten min he calms right down. And we take him everywhere with us and I'm just so surprised how calm he is when we are he just doesn't seem to care about other ppl or even react to loud sounds like trains , motorcycles ect.... I'm just pleasantly surprised if the best way to keep him this way is to continue to take him places. He is making it easy on us lol. And he just seems so smart he is already picking up the sit command with 3 training sessions and the potty bell. And he knows when it's cuddle time and when it's play time. Now I did notice he is way more mouthy with my boyfriend than me he likes to have my fingers in his mouth but he just licks them and won't bite. But he does full on bite my boyfriend. Any thoughts ?

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