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LoveDogs 03-25-2014 02:05 PM

H2o2 (how long until pumpkin helps with diarrhea?)
Well, on Saturday my puppy decided that a pump hairspray bottle was a toy after my cat knocked it off the shelf. I was in the shower and the puppy was in the bathroom with me (the cat too of course). I got out of the shower and seen Geist chewing on the bottle and the top part was gone. The bottle wasn't opened just that little knobby part was gone. So I call the vet, she stated to give hydrogen peroxide (5mL/10 pounds). Vomiting was induced and the spray part wasn't in his emesis. I called the vet again and she said, since it's plastic it won't show on X-Ray, keep an eye on him and if his behavior changes to call a specific phone number she gave me. No behavior change happened and I kept listening for bowel sounds with my stethoscope through the day and on Sunday night the puppy brought me the little plastic thing I thought he ate.
Since Saturday, Geist has had diarrhea. He's drinking very well and is very playful so I'm not too overly concerned about dehydration at this point but I did give him 1 TBS pumpkin this morning to help perhaps stop the diarrhea. I went to the vet this AM to have the vet check him out and she thinks he's doing fine.
Now, I know too much of a good thing can cause the opposite effect so I want to refrain from doing it, but how long does it take for pumpkin to regulate his system? Should I do another dose in the evening? He's a bit over 10 weeks old right now.

GatorBytes 03-25-2014 03:35 PM

Give him an activated charcoal capsule (260mg.). if in am...Repeat in pm.

I had a friend who had two JRT's. one was a hellion and consumed a whole bottle of baby oil...this dog tooted oil for a week leaving yellowy stains and a raw rectum

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