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Serbrider 03-11-2014 10:57 PM

And my perfect angel is becoming the landshark...

Brought her home at 7 weeks old (not by choice, she was a rescue, and the rest of her litter had already gone to their new homes, so there was no point in continuing to wait). She's now only two days from being 10 weeks old... and the past two days... landshark has emerged. :p

Before this, apart from some desire to not be left in her crate (but quieted down after only 5-10 minutes at the most)... she was a perfect angel. Respected my older dog's space, played quietly with her toys, listened and came quickly when I called, etc. I felt so blessed to have such an easy puppy, knowing that a couple of the other people who got her brothers/sisters were dealing with puppies ripping things apart, getting into things, screaming for hours on end, etc.

And now... LANDSHARK!!!

She's dragging fresh poop out of the litter box (moving it to an elevated spot). She got into my bathroom trash can... which had all of my... well... used womanly things in it. She has been grabbing my shoes and trying to chew them... pretty much... if anything is within reach, she'll try to grab it and chew it and rip it to shreds. Used underwear from my laundry hamper and cat poo are her favorites.


I thought I puppy-proofed the house... well... obviously not as well as I thought.

Gonna have to start having her attached to my hip as well I think. Leash training while keeping an eye on her. I was letting her roam the house since she was being so good and coming to me if she needed to go outside. Back to 100% within my line of sight. ;)

At least she's still really good in her crate and is sleeping through the entire night. :p

I love my girl... but hate the puppy stages. :crazy:

Mary Beth 03-12-2014 09:22 PM

Yes, at least once a day, I am thankful my Sting has outgrown that stage years ago :)
Cheer up, she will be a lovely adult gsd for far longer than the she is a puppy and all this will soon be behind you.

Serbrider 03-12-2014 09:28 PM

Yup, and she's really not that bad to be honest. :) great in the car, great on a leash, great in her crate... Very friendly and confident... I feel pretty blessed.

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