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shepgirl32 03-09-2014 08:03 PM

Time away
I just wanted to get some ideas on leaving my puppy alone. I have had her a week today, she is 10 weeks old. I have her crated through out the day like when I do laundry, shower or clean the house, but I haven't actually "left" the house yet. When I put her in the crate and I am home she cries for a long time, once she sees me she's fine. Any advice?

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Mary Beth 03-09-2014 09:20 PM

What I did was to train my Sting when he was a pup to be alone. First I took him for a walk so he was tired, then he has his short crate time - I put him in his crate with is favorite toy - calmly told him "good bye" and left the house only at first for 15 minutes. I came back - told him calmly" hello "and released him to go outside and potty. The idea is to gradually increase the time so the pup learns it is best to take a nap. If I crated him when I was at home, I closed the bedroom door - sure he cried at first - but again since I had made sure he was tired out, he soon learned to take nap. I also made sure not to open the bedroom door when he was crying - I waited until he was quiet. The first time it took 30 minutes, but after that - he didn't cry. But I didn't crate too much - I also had him follow me around (I tied his leash to my belt) while I did chores - he learned to follow - watch - and that he would be with me, but I was busy - it is also a good way to catch any housebreaking accidents.

BensLife 03-09-2014 10:12 PM

I wouldn't recommend leaving your puppy alone for more than an hour at that age. You would have to let a puppy out every hour or so depending on how much your puppy needs to go.

sourdough44 03-13-2014 07:47 PM

Our crate is on the edge of the main area. We leave the door open when not in use she goes in on her own fairly often. We don't bother her when she's in.

Just try to limit the time when you are able. If your dog is just fussing for no reason I wouldn't open the door. You have to let them power through or settle in.

I often put some dry food on the crate floor, she likes to eat there too.

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