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Maverick27 03-04-2014 09:06 AM

Fear Imprint Period
Here's my story. I found a puppy with a breeder in OK. I called AKC as well as OK dept of Agriculture and confirmed this is a reputable breeder. Maverick was born on 1-27-2014 and I'm supposed to make final payment later this month, and he'll be shipped, flown out to me. I live in southern CA, and this will be what I'm sure will be an exhausting trip for the puppy.

My question is this. Should I wait until the dog is older before I put him through the process of shipping due to the Fear Imprint Period? :confused:

Any advice is welcomed and appreciated! :wub:

onyx'girl 03-04-2014 09:09 AM

If the pup has good nerves, there should be no issue with flying. Hopefully the breeder knows what they are doing. Have you seen any video's of the pups playing? If you trust the breeder, there should be no problems. I don't think I'd personally go by AKC or Dept of Ag's recommendations to make sure a breeder was reputable. I'd rather go thru a different process to ensure that.

carmspack 03-04-2014 09:27 AM

AKC and OK dept of AG can only tell you that member ship fees are paid, that there are no grievances with registration papers not being forwarded , or disputes about inaccuracies in reporting sire and dam, AND the dept of AG identifies the facility as meeting standards of care and code. NOTHING about the animals or the breeding program .

I have shipped and received pups by air --- . In fact later this month a pup will be flying in from Oregon to Ontario - basically across the continent . no concerns

IF the dog comes from sound background , has been raised to be well socialized , is not showing any concerning behaviour (which should be a deal breaker end of story) then there is no problem in shipping.

It might be a long journey but not necessarily exhausting . The dog isn't doing anything -- opportunity to have a good snooze.

On the other hand if the dog arrives and you have problems , don't pin it on the flight as an excuse or cause .

get a video of the dog see if you like what you see

Maverick27 03-04-2014 01:56 PM

Thank you
No I have not seen any video of the pups playing but I think that's a good idea, thank you. I know, because I checked, there is likely a layover in Dallas for the dog, there are no direct flights into PSP from OKC, there will be at least one layover. OK Dept of Ag does yearly inspections of the facility, but I hear what you two are saying about complaints, etc. Thanks for getting back, you've put me at ease about shipping the puppy. I'll contact the breeder and ask for some video, I have a friend in the area maybe she could check the place out for me.

Thanks again! :)

my boy diesel 03-04-2014 02:26 PM

this place is a puppy mill
there is no way it is a good or reputable breeder i am sorry to say

B and T Canine Corral

there is no way a good breeder would have such a huge variation of dog they breed and in the quantities they are breeding

not to mention these puppies dont even look purebred gsd
the first two here look Doberman x sadly enough!
B and T Canine Corral

you are likely to have poor temperaments and illnesses from the git go with this breeder

onyx'girl 03-04-2014 02:32 PM

oooh, not a place I'd want a pup from. Sorry Maverick27, but you should re-think this purchase. Here is a good website to learn about choosing a responsible breeder: German Shepherd Guide - Home

carmspack 03-04-2014 02:54 PM

wow -- I would be fearful.
you aren't having us on , after the other thread with a warning ?

sourdough44 03-04-2014 07:29 PM

Depending on how committed you are I'd think about reevaluating. You could find a pup closer without even breaking a sweat.

Check here.

Maverick27 03-09-2014 11:57 PM

Thanks for your advice
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Thank you to you all for your guidance and advice, it is truly appreciated. I did heed your warning and cancel my deposit with BandT. I found a local breeder here in SoCal and the family and I went to go walk around the facility today. We placed a deposit and will be choosing our puppy on the 29th. I did get to mingle with the 10 puppy liter this afternoon and the wife snapped this picture, tilt your head and say ohhhhh......

boomer11 03-10-2014 12:18 AM

Wow good job! Choosing a pet that's going to be with you for at least 10 years is not a choice to be taken lightly. There is such a huge difference between a dog that you have to worry about and manage and one that you can just enjoy. Not a lot of people have the self control to cancel and wait so kudos to you.

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