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CleoPatrick 02-26-2014 07:56 PM

Dreaded Brushing, HELP!
My female five month german shepherd hates being brushed. Since she was 9 weeks old I started brushing her (First with a soft bristle brush.) Starting around 16 weeks she started freaking out and biting at the brush. I then just stopped brushing her altogether. I regret that I stopped because now when I brush, since her adult hair is in, she bite at the brush, tries to run away, and bark. She has gotten my hand on accident many times and catching my arms up. After about 30 minutes of having to fight with her, I stop brushing her and put the brushes on my desk. She processed to find the brushes and tries to chew them up. If I put them in a place where she can't reach she jumps and barks. She also hate it when I brush my own hair and brush my teeth. She starts to howl and growl at me. Other this is she has so far been great. I am really at a dead end I have no clue why she acts like this. I never brushed her in a mad state, I always stay calm . I have even tried giving her treats when she stops struggling. If any one can help! Please do!

Apoolutz 02-26-2014 07:59 PM

Gunner is 16 weeks I started brushing him at 8weeks, only when he was sleepy and I gave him a frozen carrot to chew on while I brushed, now he loves to be brushed

vomlittlehaus 02-26-2014 08:09 PM

What are you using to brush her with? A rubber Zoomgroom or curry (found in horses grooming area) are better. They are rubber and have these massaging knobbs on them. Some dogs it just takes a bit getting used to. But your dog should be used to be handled all over. Just work on that first and then introduce the brush when used to handling.

mydogs 02-26-2014 08:44 PM

My 5 month old doesn't mind at all when I brush his chest he will try to grab it. Give her treats as you brush her and praise her.

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Galathiel 02-27-2014 10:42 AM

My pup has always been grabby about the brush. Now, I can correct him verbally for doing so, but when he was younger, I just had him lie down on his side and placed a hand on his neck and brushed that side. Flipped him over like a pancake and did the other side. Worked fairly well for me.

Freestep 02-27-2014 10:49 AM

It sounds like she thinks brushing is playtime, and 5 month old pups can be pretty bratty! Have you done any puppy obedience classes with her? She should have had all her vaccines by now, so it should be safe to get her enrolled ASAP. Teaching obedience will help tremendously when you want to get down to grooming.

Can you invest in a grooming table, arm, and loop? Once the dog is up on a table with her head in the loop, her movements will be restricted and it will be easier to control her. Table train her first by giving her treats just for standing there. Pet her all over and make the table a GOOD place to be. When she's to the point where she'll jump on the table by herself and stand there quietly waiting for treats, you can start to introduce the brush. Gradually at first, a few brush strokes, then treat. Make sure her head is placed high enough that she can't whip around and bite you. Eventually, if you are gentle but firm, she will accept being brushed.

I'm a professional groomer, and I haven't yet encountered a dog that did not learn how to tolerate being brushed. Some of them love the attention and the touch, others never really seem to enjoy it, but all of them learn to accept it eventually. Good luck!

Athena'sMom 02-27-2014 10:57 AM

My 10 month old hated to be brushed when I got her at 12 weeks. She is a long coat so I had no choice to teach her to love it! We worked on it at obedience class a lot as a baby. As she got older I taught her to stand and stay! Teaching a dog to stand is a life saver for grooming! Athena now knows it is time to groom and adores it. Patience is key. I even have trained her to stand/stay while being blown dry. Teaching your pup stand/stay and "leave it" is a great place to start.
Good luck!

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