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JenniCB 02-25-2014 10:23 PM

Crate questions
Hi All,

I just have a couple of very quick questions. I've done a search but can't find anything in past threads.

Firstly, when you put your dog in a crate do you provide them with any water? If so how do you manage it so it's not knocked over? I ask this because I have often had the situation where I put puppy in the crate (which she loves) with a treat to chew on to do the school run and some errands. Then when I get back 2 hours (sometimes 3 later) the first things she does on being let out it bolt to her water bowl and drink and drink. I feel so guilty that I've left her thirsty but she has a cot mattress on the base of her bed so I couldn't put a bowl in there (and she'd end up digging in it anyway as she does with her one naughty!!) I'm wondering if I can some how fix something to the side of the cage??

Also, could you tell me honestly how long you think a puppy (mine is almost 6 months old) can be crated. I'm not thinking of leaving her for several hours or crate abuse here. It's just that hubby and I were recently going to a friend's house for lunch and we had a difference of opinion on this matter. I said I felt more comfortable enjoying ourselves and not having to rush home for the puppy if I know she's in her crate (my thinking being it's super hot outside and if she's in the crate inside she has the air-conditioning and also because I've noticed that she is just a lot happier when we get home if she's been in the crate than if outdoors). My husband though said he felt the opposite i.e. more comfortable not rushing home if she was outside (because then she has water, can go to the toilet and has shade). Just wondering what others did.

Sometimes it's the little, silly things that stump us the most!


Juliem24 02-25-2014 10:41 PM

I've always crated, I don't put water in the crate. There are some specialized bowls that attach to the sides, depending on the type of crate. I know that treats make my GSD very very thirsty...makes you wonder why. He's much better with a Kong stuffed with kibble mixed with canned food. I personally would worry less about a crated puppy than a puppy left outside, they can get themselves in trouble! The longest anyone was ever crated was 8 hours, which I feel was too long, but a kid had to go to the ER with asthma....but if it's an adult dog, 8 hours is manageable if they gets lots of attention and exercise afterwards. Good luck!

sourdough44 02-26-2014 06:26 AM

We don't put water in the crate, a viable option though. We just about never exceed 4 hours with 12 week old Mya, even at night.

Sp00ks 02-26-2014 06:56 AM

Our pup is about 4 months and the longest he has been crated is about 5 hours, except at night. It couldn't be helped and I felt really bad about it. He seems to have handled it like a champ though. Plenty of praise and exercise after. We actually let him out of the crate and immediately attended a training class. His best class to date. Interesting, maybe it was the rest before training.

No water or food in the crate. You can't manage potty breaks, bare in mind our pup is younger.

nktigger99 02-26-2014 08:12 AM

I have never done water in the crate. They do make a water bottle kind of like a hamster water bottle but for dogs.

I would not feel okay with a pup outside while I am gone. They can get into trouble so quick. Plus I worry about something happening to the fence.

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Liesje 02-26-2014 10:14 AM

I only have water in my crates during training or competition. I use small stainless steel pails hung in place. I don't generally leave water in a crate at home, but I don't use crates for my adults (they have free access to water day and night) and the puppies who are crated have access to water while I'm home. I also add water to my dogs' food to ensure they are staying hydrated.

I would definitely crate your pup inside while you're away. How long depends on the pup's training. At 6 months, a dog can probably "hold it" for 6-8 hours but if you haven't been crating your pup, s/he may not be calm and comfortable that long. If you want to use a crate I'd start slow and use it while you're home.

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