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maggiemay88 02-16-2014 09:20 AM

Need puppy help for our rescue
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We rescued a puppy and we are not sure her age or breed. The lady we rescued her from said she was 6 weeks and a german shepherd. The vet doesn't think she is german shepherd though.
We have heard many mixed things when people see her.
We are also wondering her age because she can't keep down solid kibble yet. We have watered it down but it is still too hard on her tummy. We are afraid she isn't 6 weeks and can't handle this type of food yet. Any suggestions??? Attachment 180642Attachment 180650Attachment 180658Attachment 180666

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shepherdmom 02-16-2014 09:44 AM

She looks like she could be part Shepherd. Here is what my puppy looked like at 7 weeks.

His mom is a full shepherd, but because I got him from rescue we are not sure what daddy is.

Shepherd tummies are sensitive and if you suddenly switched her to a different food from what she was eating that could cause problems. She looks to big for milk re-placer. Hopefully others will chime in with suggestions but the only thing I can think of is maybe a quality canned mixed in with kibble.

DJEtzel 02-16-2014 10:05 AM

Looks like a 6 week old shepherd (mix) to me...

I'd add some yogurt and maybe some canned food and make a mush out of it. Those 6 week old puppy teeth struggle sometimes.

GSKnight 02-16-2014 11:46 AM

definitely cute as heck!!!

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