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sehrgutcsg 02-09-2014 11:40 PM

Bogard's Sehr Gut Isabella - Bella Arrived Today Announcement
It was really only a matter of time since I read about the K-9 dog in Philadelphia, PA about a week ago got me on the path to a new family member. As I searched and reviewed about German Shepherd's my daughter (18) Feb. 14th. and wife Feb. 16th. were both onboard with a new addition GSD female as Nelson's Valor, JRT has been an only child (dog) for seven years.

I rolled the dice, it came up snake eyes today. The fellow sent some pictures and agreed to meet my wife and I at the vet's office just after 1:00 PM today. Even better, the vet agreed to waive the office visit fee and the charge for the exam was zero. I know everybody loves to see pictures but I have been playing daddy and supervising the brood, human and K-9. First shots were already given and the first worming was done this week a few day ago. The litter birthdate oddly enough was December 25, 2013 so to my calculations she's 6 weeks and 3 days young. Bella was the runt of the litter and we did not really know, but my wife and I picked the same pup from the picture as she had the best eyebrow's and she was yawning in the photo. I have already sent a few PM messages to a few member's in a short time, all of which made me feel welcome. The doctor instructed a few factor's that will be followed and about March 7th. my late mother's birthday we will go in for a booster.

When I am able. I will get pictures up or a link to Photobucket. If you all wish to know Bella is pretty special and she has made the girls very happy and dad will have his hands full constructing a training sleeve for her to play with later down the line, she has her own toy, crate and a pen set up, although she wants some special attention first.. So, welcome: Bogard's Sehr Gut Isabella into the GSD Forum. By the way, Bogard was; Peggy "Gunella" Bissett's kennel name from Peggy's Mountain Saugus, CA my; "German Shepherd Mentor" who seems to have gone to doggy heaven and I am using her kennel name as I had the permission to keep her dreams alive and I intend to honor her wishes. Thanks, Peg..... :blush:

BTW, When Peggy was pregnant she filled 6 cubic feet wheelbarrows full of pea gravel herself, lifted and moved them into the dog runs.

A story worth telling to the girls, here.... She was the bomb ! :apple:

sehrgutcsg 02-10-2014 06:36 AM

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Isabella, slept pretty much all through the night with my daugher in her crate...

Scout's Mama 02-10-2014 08:29 AM

"Bella" is Latin for "pretty." A well-chosen name!

:welcome: :congratulations:

sehrgutcsg 02-11-2014 11:22 PM

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Day three and thing's are pretty smooth. Paper training going as well as can be expected. Bella does not like the crate or the pen and is fussy unless she is fully fed, relieved, watered and sleepy. She's eating three times a day like; 7am - 1pm and about 6pm 3/4 of a cup dry food per meal. Seemed like a lot at first but maybe dinner is a little slow but during the day she's finished in about 10 minutes. Tried wetting the food but I don't think it's necessary. Trying to get harder stools, just a little. She walks and heals pretty good on lead for her age, gate is good and we rest here and there, walks last about 15 minutes to get the strength up for the cool down periods. She's toothy, very loving but at times she does show she's a GS. Funny when she curled her tail up straight tonight like a Malamute, it was a WTH moment. It's nice to report good thing's here bc, so much heartache, I feel blessed. The proudest moment was hearing she went out the screen door to do her business. When she wakes we carry her and get her on the paper quickly. Sorry, I only know how to post thumbnails. She has her toy. All good so far...

sehrgutcsg 02-16-2014 09:50 PM

I am using Eukanuba large breed puppy kibble a little over 1/2 cup mixed with 2 tbl. spns. of white rice, and 2 tbl. spns. of Van Patten's Natural Balance chicken, mixed with 1/4 tea. spn. of the calcium montmorillonite clay. The clay is a digestive enzyme and mega minerals. I gave her a raw chicken heart and it took a while but it was gone in a few. The pup is 8 weeks next Wed. 12 -25-13.

I stopped at my vets office and we chatted about foods and this is about the conversation. If you disagree and something else works for you great, I am only sharing what we spoke about. ! So, far he has asked me for no money, a big plus when every penny goes into care. We have a history 1987 to present.

I asked this:

dry food: $1.50 lb.
wet food: $2.50 lb.
lotus raw: $5.00 lb.

I asked about carrots and sweet potato's because I remembered hearing but could not remember, what. He said, some dogs have allergy's to these foods, so you have to try it to know..>?

I ask about cooking chicken. I buy the discounted chicken at about .99 cent per lb. and freeze it that day. My friend uses a crock pot and shreds his.

White potato was mentioned as good, not with white rice or not with barley. Switch back and forth and add one ingredient (binder) every 7 days to see, if the pets stools are okay.

peas : good
green beans : good
carrots : good

When I walk my Jack Russell and my wife walks the pup together Bella pulls like a Alaskan Malamute. We graduated to around the block at 7 weeks. 15 minutes. if for some unknown reason the Puppy gets sick, she is very strong to begin with and this is my reason for lean and exercised.

I tried Lamb and Rice and did not like it, it works for my Jack, but not the GSD puppy.

Dr. Al Plechner has been in this game a long time and in 1992 Spankie grew eyelashes upon enzyme adding to her food and she was in bad shape, so I trust him big time.

Now this is the kicker of the story. Kirkland "Costco" had been deemed very good as Eukanuba large breed puppy kibble 40 lbs. @ $56.00 is a lot of money when the nutrition is coming from the digestive enzyme additive, so he said; just get a small amount as my 3 - GSD ate 40 lbs. per week. So this is my story, if it does not work for you and you want to use Lotus @ $5.00 a pound there's no "heart" feelings, just not ready to do that and I am not giving the pup bones or bone meal. A raw Chicken Liver or Heart is on the menu, but the organs are too small in my opinion to do this now. She has done pretty good in 7 days on the paper training and I am happy with my results..

KathrynApril 02-16-2014 10:55 PM

She is such a cutie!

sehrgutcsg 02-18-2014 11:10 AM

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Bella's ears are starting to come up as of last night and she is miserable. :cry:

She looks like Sally Field in; "The Flying Nun." Just trying to keep her calm as she is shaking her head.. The ears are clean inside and not red in color. It's been fun to say the least...:sick:

sehrgutcsg 02-27-2014 04:49 PM

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Thought I would do an update on Bella.. She is doing much better.. He training is about to begin. She is now jumping up and biting my arm, out of nowhere.. She just lunges.. Took her off the montmorillonite clay powder after cutting the amount in half to 1/8 teaspoon per day on one meal as her stools were just not solid enough, maybe her stomach just can't handle the load yet. Started to cook her food about a week ago.. I just hate the smell of canned food, it's working well, she is gaining girth and getting her walks increased.. 3 blocks was too much, so we cut her back to 2 short blocks. The wife returned and insisted both dogs be together, so far Nelson has been great, but careful eye's upon waking when he may be grumpy. They have short playtimes and when I left, the wife put them together. We argued, she replied; "but they need to bond." Bella healed up with no signs of anything. Bella is doing better in the crate and the larger metal pen. I received a few pictures of her brother who they call "Monster", God know's why. He looks to be a nice male, the pictures are fair. On about March 7th. Bella will get her second round of shots and perhaps a second worming. The montmorillonite clay powder will remove just about anything, but I will let the vet decide that. Her food consists of dry kibble mixed later, chicken, rice, olive oil, peas, carrots, green beans and water all cooked with the bones for several hours then removed.. All grocery purchased frozen foods bagged in 2 pound zip locks. About 4 pounds 25% of protein and the rest 12 pounds total of rice and veggies. She's 9 weeks as of yesterday. Bella say's hello; "to all the dog lover's on the Forum, she know's their quite the bunch, but hey, we all have to be something.".. :wub:

Bella Bella, Monster Monster..

sehrgutcsg 04-05-2014 06:45 PM

2-27-2104 to 4-05-2014 --- It's been a challange ..
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I must say it's been very difficult trying to do this pretty much alone. For about 2 months -- 2-9-2104 thru 4-05-2014 -- it has been all me. Everything has been a challenge. Even though I had three GSDs before, I do not remember going without sleep, walking 2 dogs -- twice a day and the training has been constant. My dog is and will be going into class after the last DHLP tomorrow.. I will start looking for a pro to help me get the dog the guidance she needs. I can't do it alone and I know it. She is teething and she's going mad every night. I could not get any good pictures today, however my wife was able to get a few, sitting a little sloppy and no stacked pictures yet, to show confirmation. Her diet was customized to fill her out, but not excessive, because she needs to stay lean. She is starting to jump on the couch, just in the past few days and normally sleeps on the floor near my bed. She bumped her head a couple weeks ago and had some hair loss, it is growing back in lighter. She got a second bath, yesterday and I needed help, the last bath was in the kitchen sink and that's no more.. A few member's have been great and I do appreciate their guidance. Nelson is the small dog, Bella chases him around, but the bond is very strong between the two, the way it's supposed to be.. The next posting will be after six weeks of advanced puppy training as she know's just about everything from 6 weeks to 2 1/2 months (14 weeks), sit, lay down, stay, jump, stand, heal, roll over, roll back and most important, gentle.. She is a love and I am a lucky man to get her, irrespective of the costs.

sehrgutcsg 05-05-2014 09:20 PM

From Hamburger City, CA,

"Bella" is; 2 days shy of 18 weeks today. Rabies, 2nd., Bordetella and a very necessary nail trim today. We hurdled the walking down; "open kicker" stairs in the last week, (boy did she cry the blues on that one), training off lead to stay and walk away 20 feet, call on command, heal on the left, making right turns in a circle amazed the wife today. Are you ready for; 47.6 pounds, up from 36+ first round of Bordetella. She a big girl, "Isabella." I measure her, the 22" is now 36".

Soon with the help of my brother who has a very nice camera, some updated photo's. I think we are about where I would expect to be training wise at 4 months instead of six. I attribute this to 8 week old leash walking when some won't. Big girl teeth coming in. We have our battles, she try's, but she looses every time it's crucial.. :cry:

By the way, folks I have learned quite a bit from the website here, and thanks > ! :wub:

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