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lemonbalm 01-28-2014 03:11 PM

Mom locking up puppies 24/7 in the basement
It's one thing to do that. It's another thing when she won't listen to me about it.

Sure, just have a "serious talk" with her. Right. But she'll ignore me or threaten to hit me again.

Any questions she just yells at the top of her lungs. Won't feed me for the day.

I used to be able to bring one pup up into the house and while at it I would try to house train him. ONE accident and my mom freaks out and puts him back into the basement. I have school. I can't bring him out while I'm at school, so I asked my mom if she could and what does she say? "No I'm too busy all day."

Truth is she's on the computer all day. Doing work? No, chatting and flirting in a disgusting high pitched voice online to strangers. For money? NO. This is for HER entertainment. It's a chat room. I've seen it and used it a couple times out of curiosity and no you can't earn money from it.

I know, I know. The same old questions that won't be answered would be asked on here.
"Why do we even have dogs if I can't play with them/bring them up here?"
"You shut up! You're so annoying! Stop asking me questions (That day that was the first question I ever asked)!! Keeping talking and I'll hit you!!! Too long since I've hit you, you're not afraid (She's referring to me as being rude. She thinks fear is what earns respect and demands respect all the time). My mom even tried to use fear on my dogs by HITTING them to get them to stay out of the living room.
She complains about them pooping and peeing all over the house. I claim that I'm trying to housebreak them (and I am!!) but she won't help me when I'm at school. How are they going to learn? She tells me I'm annoying, and she's not talking to me anymore.

***NOTE: I am ALWAYS talking in a calm voice in a calm manner, no attitude and it ALWAYS seems like she's angered that I'm so calm and she's not.

I can't ask my mom to do anything and she won't listen to me. My dad and sisters don't like me either. I could sit in my room and listen to them talk and play with each other like a normal family downstairs while I'm in my room because when I'm down there, they are all silent. She won't re-home the dogs because she says she loves them. She said that to me as if I didn't love the dogs. Whenever she senses that she's losing an argument she goes into other unrelated stuff just to make me look bad: "All you do is care for the dogs and don't concentrate on school and your homework!!" For those wondering, these dogs are my only friends (no friends at school, people don't like me) and I never had anything less than a B this school year (which is also the time when we got the pups).

"You should be lucky to even have dogs!!" Sure. These two pups were bought specifically for MY SISTERS. They didn't care for the dogs after the first few days and left them for me when they still talked to me. I feel so truly alone and feel so much hatred that I am responsible for the dogs but I can't control what happens to them. Do any of you have kids? How would you feel if your relative/mother took your kids away from you and and locked them away where you can't speak or even look at them because she said she didn't like them? Things can change but she won't have an open mind. I'm sorry if I sound like a spoiled brat but I'm crying and my sisters would love for me to be miserable. They spend every day trying to make me feel bad with insults but that doesn't work so they hurt my dogs because they know I care about the dogs. Mom says she doesn't want the house to smell but she won't even care to contribute.

Please, I've heard suggestion before. Let me tell you that these won't work:

Have a serious talk with mom
Rehome the dogs (Mom is super stubborn about this)
Get some other adult to help you (Mom does NOT care. She won't even listen to the VET)
Call CPS
Get dad to help
Get sisters to help


LaRen616 01-28-2014 03:21 PM


You poor thing!

Get out of that house and take those dogs with you!

I can't imagine living with a family like that, is there any other family members who are decent human beings that you can live with?

Baillif 01-28-2014 03:23 PM

How old are you?

SummerGSDLover 01-28-2014 03:25 PM

My guess is eighth or ninth grade.


Curtis 01-28-2014 03:26 PM

Do you have an Aunt or Uncle that you can spend time with on the weekends?

Or volunteer for anything after school. Spend less time with these people.

SummerGSDLover 01-28-2014 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by Curtis (Post 4921658)
Do you have an Aunt or Uncle that you can spend time with on the weekends?

Or volunteer for anything after school. Spend less time with these people.

Totally agree with this. Or if it is truly as terrible as you say, are you sixteen? In some states this is old enough to become legally emancipated but you must show you have a job. Or call CPS.


Msmaria 01-28-2014 03:37 PM

Another story that there are two sides to.
Arent you the kid with the bunny and parakeets your parents got you?

You have alot on your plate with two dogs, parakeets, bunnies and what other animals you have. If things are really as bad as your post, or come to think of it if its nothing like your post still TALK to a school psychologist. They might be able to help you more than an internet site.

erfunhouse 01-28-2014 03:52 PM

I think you need to speak to a psychologist. We have yet another teen that seems to be forming an unhealthy relationship/view towards animals.

Were you to walk into my hospital, I would immediately call a social worker to speak with you. Validity of your statements is needed as well as a therapist to talk to.

In a crisis you can always call a depression hotline

Suicide Hotline: 800-784-2433
Immediate Medical Assistance: 911
Crisis Call Center: 800-273-8255 or text ANSWER to 839863

Crisis Call Center
800-273-8255 or text ANSWER to 839863
Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
Crisis Services | 24-Hour Help Hotline

Depression and Bipolar Support
800-273-TALK (8255)
Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance - Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

National Hopeline Network
800-SUICIDE (784-2433)
800-442-HOPE (4673)
Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
Kristin Brooks Hope Center - Hopeline

Crisis Center and Hotlines Locator by State

Suicide Prevention Services Depression Hotline
Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
Suicide Prevention Services. 528 S. Batavia Ave., Batavia. IL. 60510

Thursday’s Child National Youth Advocacy Hotline
800-USA-KIDS (800-872-5437)
Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
Thursday's Child—for Endangered Children Missing Runaways Eating Disorders, Cutting Suicide Child Abuse Prostitution Bullying

Your Life Iowa: Bullying Support and Suicide Prevention
(855) 581-8111 (24/7) or text TALK to 85511 (4–8 PM every day)
Chat is available Mondays–Thursdays from 7:30 PM–12:00 AM
Your Life Iowa

These are all national lines/websites where you can get more information or find someone to talk to.

SummerGSDLover 01-28-2014 03:54 PM

Glad you posted that.


mego 01-28-2014 04:26 PM

Also you may want to hide your phone or camera somewhere and get her threatening to hit you on tape and / or if she harms you again please take pictures so if the authorities ever need to step in to get you out of there (custody to an aunt/uncle/trusted friend) you will have evidence.

HOnestly it sounds like a crappy situation to be living in. I may be taking it too extreme, you may just be frustrated but that sounds like serious stuff.

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