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mkelley2 01-16-2014 07:03 PM

Teething puppy
Ok I have tried all the chew toys there is out there from bones antlers rubber toys stuff toys and Roxie wants to chew on anything but her toys. She chews on shoes the tv stand the couch I no she is a puppy and puppy's chew. I crate her when I'm at work and she runs with me on my morning and evening runs and she plays with my other larger dog so she get a lot of work out time. She only get crated from 11-5:30.. What should I try to help her teething and save my stuff??

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Sp00ks 01-16-2014 07:13 PM

Bully sticks? How old?

mkelley2 01-16-2014 07:51 PM

8 weeks

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