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zeusy 12-22-2013 11:23 AM

Growth Spurt?
Hi, ive noticed over the last couple of days my 20 week old puppy is sleeping more and is hungrier then normal. He's normally a picky eater. Just wondering if this is an onset of a growth spurt? And should i increase his food? Hes fed raw (chicken mince, green tripe, chicken wings, eggs) . Thanks

Mary Beth 12-22-2013 04:39 PM

Yes - I agree also that it could be a growth spurt. Also it could be the weather - if you have it cold and snowy where you are. At least that effects my Sting's appetite. Also if your pup has had more exercise. For the food increase, I would go by how he is doing. If he is hungry between meals, or eats up all his food and then seems to look for more, like keeps licking the bowl - then I would increase it.

countryboy73703 01-05-2014 04:21 PM

I was just reading around on the site at different topics and decided to search for growth spurts. my pup is starting her 20 week, and was curious to if this is a usually growth spurt time for GSD's. My vet, while getting her 4th parvo vaccine and her last shots till she's a year said that she seemed a little short for her age. I researched height by age, and found the home made chart and for the dogs that had particpated, at the time for her age she seemed right on track. I do know that raw feeding seems to regulate and slow growth a little bit, so maybe thats why the vet thought that she should be bigger? She knew that I raw feed though. anywho, I was just seeing if, and when they hit a growth spurt.


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