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Can she stay outside ?

Hi, I am new here! I found this site while searching the internet for my question. So here goes
Here is some back ground information so you can better understand my situation and hopefully not judge me to horribly...

My husband and I have purchased a piece of property and a trailer. We are currently living with my parents. (There are 7 of us in this house!!!!). Anyways it will be 4 - 6 weeks before we get moved in. Closer to 4 if the weather doesn't get crazy on us.
My husband works 2 nights, and 2 days a week, so I will be left home with our (1 year old) son. I have a really bad fear of having the house being broken into ect. This is one of the reason's I keep a 12 gauge in my bed room. Anyways when we started looking for property I started researching dog breeds (about 3 months ago), I have always owned dogs, all different breeds and sizes, but I have never owned a German Shepherd, my husband on the other hand has- he says she was the best dog he ever owned. So I read up on them and agreed with him that a German Shepherd might be a really really good fit to our family. I began looking for breeders and was really shocked the prices for an akc reg. pup where $600-$1200. An unreg. pup was $400-$600... I was amazed at how much these puppies sold for, but they sure sell fast so I guess they are worth it
Anyways skip forward 3 months I happened to search German shepherds for sale and found an 11 week old AKC reg. female, not to far away from me. I called about her and she is only $375. I showed her to my husband, he fell in love (as did I ).... so here is the problem/question:

She is currently staying outside ( I need to ask if what conditions she is staying in, if she is in an out building or a kennel with a dog house ect.). We want her to be an inside dog for the most part, but right now since we are staying with my parents my dad won't let another dog in the house 24/7 (we have 3 inside as of now)... So I came up with this idea; I can build her a pen outside are basement doors (this area is currently housing my four wheeler and some junk ), the area has retainer walls on both sides and a roof over it, so most of the weather is blocked. I would also provide a dog house packed with straw and could even put a heat light in it if it got really cold. Oh and I would buy her a jacket to wear. I am outside a lot even in the winter so when I am out she would be let out of her pen to play. She would also come inside to play and sleep in a crate inside at night.

Would this work or should I wait a month a try to find another puppy.. ?
Thanks for ready and sorry for the long post.
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Personally I would wait until you are settled into your new home before getting a puppy.

The set up sounds fine, just think that raising a puppy is hard enough without having to worry about packing and moving and setting up house and taking care of a baby.

A GSD of good quality, health and temperament tested parentage is going to cost you between 800-1800. It is worth it, especially with a baby, to stack the deck in your favour in regards to health and temperament.

So, get your house in order, settle in, get unpacked, celebrate the holidays, save the money and get exactly what you want.

You may also want to check out rescues. They often have very nice, temperament tested adults for adoption. That may be a great way to go. No worrying about the puppy chewing on the baby, housebreaking is done, crate training us done, and you know exactly what you are going to get in terms if size. Plus, rescue usually charge between 250-400 adoption fee.

If money is a concern, please remember that the first year of a puppies life us very expensive. Vet visits every 3 weeks, deworming, spay/neuter. The costs are substantially more than the price paid. And adult dog would incur less immediate medical attention.

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I dont think its right for a puppy, i would wait it out, its so crucial to properly socialize them in the early stages, at 11 weeks old she is way to little to be outside even if you are with her most of the time, especially when your plans for her future is family pet. If she were older and the transition was quick and she had the social skills it may not be a large deal because as you said there is play time inside and sleeping inside, but i think as of now at 11 weeks its not a good idea. I would wait it out until you are settled and you have a routine in your new home!
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Quick read, quick answer...doesn't sound cruel and inhumane, but does sound like circumstances and timing could be much better. Could this be the wrong timing, due to circumstances. Also, of course, then there's the issue of what the price could indicate (a less than well bred puppy), although it seems that lately well bred is surely no guarantee of good health and temperment, which is in precious short supply in shepherds these days. Then just want to add about the protection part...use your trusty twelve gauge for that...our job to protect our dogs, not the other way round (unless the dog is professionally trained in personal protection, saw one of those advertised on the web lately for $45k).

Welcome to the board. Lots of good info here and well moderated enough that it does't get too crazy, lol...

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I will preface my post by saying that I do not mean any ill-will towards you and am not judging you in any way. However, you have some major misconceptions regarding the breed, and I hope you will spend some time on this forum to learn more about the breed before purchasing a German Shepherd.

A well bred German Shepherd from a reputable breeder will generally run 1500-2000$ for a working line and will be 1500-2500$ for a showline. This is because health testing, buying good breeding stock, training, showing, traveling for shows/trials, feeding high quality food, caring properly for dogs, vetting, proper living conditions cost a LOT of money. Most breeders that do it right break even (if that). I would be highly suspicious of anyone selling a GSD for under 1000$ because there are almost always shortcuts being taken if a GSD is being sold for as little as 375$. I would be very surprised if the breeding dogs had any health, temperament, or working testing done. If you cannot afford a puppy or dog from a reputable breeder, look into local GSD rescues and adopt a dog for a minimal adoption fee. This way, you do not support shady and unscrupulous breeders.

If your dog has to stay outside, she should stay in a pen sized about 10ft by 6ft or larger. Provide the dog with a size appropriate dog house with straw or some form of bedding inside. Igloo dog houses are very good and provide good insulation during cold/rainy/snowy weather. You can cover the pen with a tarp or kennel cover to provide more shelter. German Shepherds do not need jackets - they are double coated dogs and need adequate shelter rather than a coat. Bringing her inside at night is also a good idea.

Have you bought this dog already or are you planning on getting another dog? Your post isn't very clear in this aspect. If you have not bought the dog yet, do not buy this dog, and wait until you are properly settled into your new home. Moving is very stressful - wait until things are calm before adding a family member.
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Lots of answers really fast here!

Okay I have raised several puppies in my life, all which lived out their days with us. I have the ability to pay for all their needs, but will not pay that much for the puppy itself. This may sound bad to those of you who breed them and pay that for them ect. but right now a this stage in my life I can't imagine spending that much for a pup when I could buy one a lot cheaper and but the extra money to make the puppy's life better. We have had AKC reg. dogs, pure bred but un reg. dogs, and mutts, in my opinion if raised correctly they all love you the same.

A rescue is most likely not an option I have looked into them but they never have puppies. I refuse to buy an adult dog right now. With having a young son, I just won't risk the chance of having a dog that I don't know how it was raised. People can say they are kid safe, and even being supervised in a spilt second one bite could ruin my sons life, if not kill him. I will not put my self in that place. Once again I am not trying to sound harsh or make any one mad. I have had rescue dogs before and love them, currently my basset hound is a rescue. He is a one in a million dog, we where really worried when my son was born about how he would act, we even considered rehoming him, lucky he is amazing with my son. I know their are more like him out there but I am not willing to risk it, I will rescue more dogs when my son is older.

She is currently living outside (by her self) I would never think about this if she wasn't used to it already.

I was miss-understood about the protection, the dog will not be thrown out to attack some one if there where to be a break in. More of an early detection system. I want to know when some one pulls into my drive way or is walking around my house. (: I would never put my dog in harms way ever! They are a part of my family.

Thank you for your replies (:

I just see gbchottu's reply and will reply back shortly

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You should really research temperament of the GSD and how it can vary greatly from a backyard breeder, which from the price you quoted is exactly who you are buying from, or will be buying from, and a well-bred GSD that is bred for temperament, intelligence, health, and drive.

It is literally a roll of the dice when you cheap out on the puppy you are going to introduce to your home and family and live with for up to a decade or longer when you buy from a puppy mill or backyard breeder.

These types of breeder breed for money, or well meaning ignorant types that think Rex and Heidi would make 'beautiful puppies' without regard to their health or temperament.

It cannot be stressed enough how important good temperament is to this breed in it's ability to learn, be social, and obedient.

If you are dead set on buying a GSD from a backyard breeder you are honestly better off with the shotgun.

This is just to inform you and not berate you or make you feel bad about what you have decided up to this point. You really need to do more research about this breed, husband's experience not withstanding.

I've raised and trained five GSD's over 30 years time and I am still learning about them. Many people here have raised tens of dogs; many more than I have. You should at least listen to their advice.

Good luck and I think everyone here hopes you make the right decision.

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Legacy Lane - check your inbox.

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I think everyone has given you great advice.

Something I will add to ponder, while no one can predict the future.

For 375$ I am betting the parents have not been hip/elbow certified. So you buy this puppy for 375 and it ends up with hip dysplasia requiring expensive surgery or some other major medical issue down the road that will cost in the thousands.

I'm not saying if you spend 1000 bucks you will not have health issues, what I'm saying is, why not stack the deck in your favor with a responsible breeder who does all the health testing of their breeding stock and stands behind what they produce?

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