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lkcheertex 12-04-2013 04:38 PM

Which one is better?
All of a sudden Baron (9weeks) has decided he likes his xpen in the garage (heated). We can leave door to kitchen open so he's part of the action but can't get into anything. We have been doing this now instead of crating him. However, he does have accidents in there but they are easy to clean up for me as it is lined with puppy pads.

If we put him in crate he still seems to have equal amount of accidents, just way harder for me to clean and I'm worried about smell getting into plastic and being a constant trigger for him to go.

Anyway, do you think there is a better choice? crate vs. pen

And, how long should he be able to hold it in either one if he has just gone pee and poop.

NicholasMWhite 12-04-2013 09:37 PM

When my guy was that age (now 14 weeks) he could hold it for maybe 2 hours in his crate (which is divided off and just big enough for him). I was getting up to take him out 3 times a night. I still don't push him in his crate to more than 3 hours, but at night I only take him out once so he goes about 4.5 hours, that's with no drinking water after 7-7:30pm. He has only gone in his crate a few times.

I only have a crate and don't have a pen, so can't really comment on that, but he is rarely crated when one of us is home and we aren't ever gone for more than a total of 4 hours per day. When we're home he is allowed only in the living room, which is sectioned off from the rest of the house so that we can keep a close eye on what he is currently trying to destroy.

MrsFergione 12-04-2013 09:45 PM

Sounds like both spaces are too big for training. The crate area should only be big enough to stand up and turn around in as they won't like laying in their own accidents. Obviously not all dogs care but the majority will.

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