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Owning Vs Me 12-25-2012 10:09 AM

Leash question
I bought a GSD puppy when he was 9 weeks old i gave him 1 week in the house to get use to everything around him, when he was 10 weeks i decided to start taking him for walks outside i watched plenty of videos on Youtube and all of the videos said to motivate the dog to follow you i did that it took an hour to go around the block once LITERLY an HOUR, i kept motivating him and to follow me with treats and praise. Today, i tried taking him outside i got frustrated and i started pulling the leash every time he stopped i gave him 5 seconds or so and i pulled him and every time he tries to lay down i pulled him. He moved and was walking with me perfect after that i was happy me and him had a BLAST playing in the back yard runing after each other till i got tierd and went upstairs.

My QUESTION IS: Was what I did bad to pull him every time he stopped? Please i need an experienced person to answer my question am new to owning a GSD or any dog

msvette2u 12-25-2012 10:36 AM

We tell people to either carry puppies at 8-9 weeks, or follow them while they acclimatize to the leash.

Often it works better to work on familiar terrain before taking them outside your yard and around your block, at least until later on, after they are good at walking around your yard.
Do you have a fenced yard, or is walking a necessity? I mean, can the puppy get out and play and walk around unleashed?

EmmyBelle 12-25-2012 10:52 AM

What about if he screams?? My little guy is almost 4 months and literally on a harness or collar will scream if you try to walk him. It's almost like you're killing him. Vet checked him out no issues. I think my next step is to maybe try and walk him with my Malinois. Anyone ever experienced a temper tantrum like this?!?!

msvette2u 12-25-2012 10:56 AM

Do you, or did you follow him around for a while first before starting to try to take him places?
They have to see the leash/collar safe and friendly before advancing to taking them places.

This may help.

Ayla 12-25-2012 11:31 AM

Keira screamed like we were torturing her during her bath, I just kept trying to calm her and she doesn't do it now... Perhaps have your pup sit with a leash on in our house and praise him and slowly let him lead then start with walking him by your side. Someone more experienced will have better imput.

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doggiedad 12-25-2012 11:33 AM

at 10 weeks old maybe going around the block is to
far to walk him. when my pup was 10 weeks old walks were
very short. their pads have to toughen. you want walks to be
happy times for the pup not a pulling match. remember everything
is new to your pup. you don't want to scare him. do a little
bit everyday.

Jag 12-25-2012 12:16 PM

I found that walking Grim the first couple times with our other dogs worked GREAT! He was eager to follow them (I had my wife walk the girls in front of us) and before the first walk was done, he was exploring. One more walk with the girls, and then he was OK on his own. I wouldn't pull a pup. Happy tone "Let's go!" and kneel if you have to showing yummy treats and giving them. Praise for every step forward! Learning to walk on a leash is the foundation of a lot of other training, so it needs to be a good experience. Only do it when you're in the mood to be patient. Keep the walks short. Avoid anything that may frighten the pup in the beginning. Take a favorite toy to lure the pup forward. Work on it in your yard and in your home first. Lead the pup to you at first and praise! Let the pup drag a lead in the house to begin with. Remember that this is a short term thing. Before you know it, your pup will be leading the way! Taking a pup out for walks before the second set of shots isn't advised. If you have a yard, it's better to just play with the pup and bond with it at home first. If your pup is 'brand new' and isn't bonded to you yet, things will go slower. The pup needs to be able to trust you to protect it when it goes out into that huge scary world!! :) First and foremost, have fun with your pup. They are only that small for a very short amount of time. Make every day count.

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