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Maximus43 12-24-2012 04:14 AM

New Husky with Max Question
So it's Christmas and I got a 3 month old Female Husky for my girlfriend and she doesn't know yet. I named her Athena and have had her for about 3 days now, she has been great but was a little shy at first. She has all her set of shots and Max (now 6 months old) got used to her the same day they are constantly playing with each other and what not. My question, is it safe to keep her around for a couple more days? I do keep them seperated when it is time to sleep and during the day I am supervising them while they play because Max tends to get a little aggressive sometimes nibbing on her but she doesn't cry so im assuming he isn't applying alot of pressure enough to hurt her. They have become great friends. One thing I don't know for sure though is if the puppy is going to stay with me or if she will be allowed to keep her at her house we have talked about it before and she is allowed to have a puppy but im always thinking about the "what ifs" im just wondering if both Max and Athena will be able to grow up together if she stays and if im going to have train or do things differently around the house. I'm fully prepared for whatever I have to do and have alot of time in my hands so any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!
Here is a video of when we first welcomed her to the house (Max was just minding his business lol) and the second is when they got comfortable with each other and start playing. She is actually much more active now and stands up to Max alot never backing down.
They love playing tug o war

MaggieRoseLee 12-24-2012 09:31 AM

Having 2 dogs/pups the same is a lot of work...

Did you get a chance to read --->


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