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Originally Posted by martemchik View Post
Just a comment on your travel plans...I get it that those places are outside but I'd really look into how welcome dogs are in those areas. They are nature preserves and a lot of those places don't want your animals bringing in any unneeded germs to the equation. As for Europe...forget it. There is no need to put a dog through the stress of flying in an airplane because you want to backpack through Europe. Although Europe is in general dog friendly...hostels are tiny little places where I doubt they'd let a dog stay (especially because you generally share rooms with other people and then you have to consider allergies or your dog barking all night.

The responsibility of planning for your dog everywhere you go is way more work than you would ever get out of the "protection" from your dog. I just went on a trip to backpacking but just traveling to a handful of different cities in a handful of days was stressful enough, no need to have a dog at your side during that time as well.

I know what you mean by going certain places that are "dog friendly" but soon enough you'll realize that your friends might not really want your dog there, and that while you're playing video games your dog is in your face wanting to do something else (I've pretty much stopped playing video games). I'm not trying to discourage you from getting a dog...just pointing out the things I've had to go through since I've gotten mine. And yes, the apartment hunting with a GSD is never that fun, so be on the look out for that.

It does sound like you're thinking things through, but things change once you have an 80 lb GSD and not just a cute little puppy. Take out the time for training, possibly trialing, showing, ect. and all that other stuff you like to do now kind of gets put on the back burner (not a bad thing at all). My dog has become one of my hobbies, the other being golf...and its great, but if its not something you're ready to really own up to it might be a bit weird at first.

You also wrote "exploring the city." Be prepared to not be able to walk into any place...when we go out into the city, I don't bring my dog because I know we'll stop somewhere to eat or drink or just to hang out. And a dog would prevent you from doing that. Recently we're getting a lot more dog friendly places (like a coffee shop/dog wash place) but its not like I'm always going to go there for coffee just so that I could get in with my dog.

Just a couple of warnings...tell you the truth you could definitely handle a dog at this age, its just all the other stuff that you WILL cut out of your life because of it.

these are definitely things that I should be thinking about, and I'm glad to get the perspective of some of the day to day annoyances of owning a GSD may bring, I think its very reassuring in a way, because a lot of the things you mention, I feel can have positive side, like I know i play way to many video games, and I would probably stop if I had a bored dog in my face all the time, but i would welcome the exercise!

as for my dream of backpacking in Europe, I should clarify, it would be more then a week of bus tours, I would spend months walking from place to place, and seeing things for myself, looking for places that arnt full of tourists. I realize that my dog would need an impressive amount of training for this, but I don't think its unrealistic.
and for something like that, I think protection is very important.

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Originally Posted by carmspack View Post
mmmm , it sounds a bit like they went shopping at Kraftwerk and are using those dogs to create a ready made little breeding program. I admit I like the looks of the dogs .

you have to be careful how you read things though as in this example "Zimmerhoff German Shepherd puppy pedigrees have achieved top placings at the highest levels of international competition. " Notice it is not Zimmerhof puppies or progeny achieving top placings it is the puppy PEDIGREES - you can breed the top of the top ultimate dogs together and get not so good at all. (I do like the look of the dogs)
This "This is a RARE OPPORTUNITY for German Shepherd lovers to purchase an East/West Germany working line puppy for much less than some of the more established breeders are asking" is sort of saying you can essentially buy a "kraftwerk" dog from us for less. I believe Kraftwerk is $2,000 and much more for an 8 week pup.

"These pups have international championship lineage " well they don't because these dogs did not enter conformation, they are working trial dogs.

this "Her extraordinary and difficult to replicate dark mahogany sable coloring is matched by her dark pigmentation" .. the comments on "rare mahogany" comes straight from the pages of Kraftwerk -- not rare , I have many like this .

I would certainly have a look at the pups . I am not sure how much support they could give you as far as training, or raising or recommending some support network . They are pretty new themselves. Wonder why Anzel is only $800 , he and Angel very attractive.
Might not be a bad choice.
thank you for taking a look, I see what you mean, but I don't understand what is bad about it, if they choose the dogs carefully, doesn't that mean they are good for breeding?

also do you have any advice for things to look for when I see the puppies?
of things to think about in general?

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as for travelling with a dog in Europe I would say a better idea is GO , you GO , have the time of your young life , be spontaneous , savour the sights and sounds and tastes . A dog would be so inhibiting. Your kind of travel would land you in youth hostels, couch surfing , meeting up with a group , piggy backing on to their agenda and then parting ways. I did it . Went from Gatwick to London, then to Paris, Venice , Turkey, Germany , Austria . How would you be able to go deep deep into the earth in Salzburg Austria , with a dog , or explore coastal grottos , with a dog, or go to a festival - and in some cultures dogs are "dirty" and not welcome .

Wait till you come back to get your dog .

lucky you
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since you are in the Portland Oregon area -- just heard terrible news on CNN , masked shooter in mall - I believe on poor soul dead ......
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There are always positives in owning a dog. I don't worry one second about how instead of playing a video game I go outside and play with my dog. You're absolutely right about there being a positive to everything but its just something to think about.

Like carmen said, don't take a dog to Europe, I wouldn't even dream of it. Europe is not America...and I'm not trying to be mean but Americans (I'm one) are very very sheltered when it comes to travel. People outside of large cities DO NOT speak English. Information about where to stay outside of the major cities is extremely difficult to come by and when it is online its in the other language. All the power to you for wishing to spend months in Europe...but you can't imagine how expensive it gets, and to have to worry about dog food in addition to that...I wouldn't want to.

A dog is one of the greatest additions one can have in life...but it also subtracts a lot of opportunities from that life. If you have your heart set on getting a dog, go for it, I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise...but I might try to dial in some of those hopes. I know what its like to travel in Europe, and no matter what kind of trip you're planning, its not a good idea. Possibly do able if a private jet, RV, and a black card are involved.
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Just saw the news about the shooter all over my Facebook. Extremely sad and frightening, I have a lot of friends in the area (and some who work or have worked at the Clackamas Mall) and was busy checking up on them.

Sawwahbear, do you live or attend college in the Portland area? If so I will be back in Portland from Eugene for a month, and also visit my family in Portland sporadically throughout the year. I wouldn't mind meeting up if you are ever in the neighborhood. Also, I know that you are considering getting the puppy soon, but DVG Nationals is in June at my dog's breeder's club in Salem and I have met a Kraftwerk dog at a club trial in the past. It would be a great opportunity to watch the protection work of dogs from similar lines, since you have been emphasizing the particular appeal of that aspect of the breed. If you decide to pass on this puppy and wish to wait, visiting a club and meeting more dogs is an excellent way of getting a better feel for the breed and type.

Regarding traveling, my family and I have always enjoyed our vacations and go on trips a few times a year. We used to take a road trip to Las Vegas through California (for the national parks) every year, but for obvious reasons we would never think of taking the dog along. Since I've had my dog, we've also gone on two cruises, once to Alaska and once to the Caribbean, both times for only a short while - two weeks.

We've yet to take my dog on a family vacation and I don't see us doing that any time soon. I love having him around and I take him everywhere with me on a day to day basis, but it is definitely an added stress and occasional burden, even with a well adjusted, well behaved dog. We board him at the breeder's boarding kennels and trust them to care for him in our absence. He does not suffer separation anxiety and is not affected by being away from me, so I am fortunate in that regard. I know many dog owners have a lot of difficulty finding the right environment and people to entrust with their dogs while they are away.

For me, vacations are for relaxing or exploring, letting go of responsibility, eating a lot of food, and taking a lot of pictures Hiking, camping, and trips to the beach would be my choice for "me and the dog" days.

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Hi and Welcome to the fourm! I am 20 and just wanted to say go for it! If you really want a puppy and can right now and have the devotion it takes than do it. When we got our girl it was not really "planned" But I love her to death and would not trade it for anything. Ya puppy's/dog's subtract alot of thing's in your life and take alot of time. Not mentioning having to get up with it 3-4 time's a night. than having to get up and go to work, it does get tiring, but at the same time they add so much more to it. There just like a kid, that's the way I look at it. Wherever you go, your dog goes. That's how it is with me. My husband and I got married in August and took her on our "honeymoon" cause i was not going to leave her. So we found a place that allow's dogs, and she went everywhere with us, not once did she stay in the room by herself. So it's not impossible and ton's of fun to take them on your jounrey's with you. She's been to Southern Idaho and Washington, and were taking her with us to Nebraska next summer as well. Like you, everything we do hiking,camping ect you can have them with you everywhere and personally I just don't/won't do anything where i can't have her. When we tell somebody were coming over they expect us to have Dixie with us and when we don't they ask "why didn't you bring her" lol. People say that she's one spoiled dog, and i'm like yeah, she's my baby! lol But that's just my own 2cent's. Good luck with whatever you choose, and if you choose to get one don't forget to post ton's of pics!


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I honestly believe that is up to you decide and I commend you for thoroughly thinking this over. If you think now you have the time and resources AND will continue to have them for 10+ years I'd say yes.

Certainly extra time helps during the puppy stages. I am 21 now and my husband and I just got our first puppy together this summer. We had been researching the breed for years while dating and this time last year we decided that during the summer would be best time for us. I finished my clinical at the hospital in May and had one class in the summer to graduate and had a job part time job lined up in the fall. Plenty of puppy-raising time! However! as much as we tried to plan we ended up having to move from Massachusetts to Washington State in October.

It was hard trying to find a decent hotel for a few days as well as finding a house with a yard to rent with a puppy! Especially when you call up and ask if they allow dogs and they say how much does it weight? Well he weights 35lbs now Just kidding! we were straight forward with our landlord and she met Enzo and we explained to her I was going to be home or try to find a part time job and he's crate trained and it all worked out. Anyways, I think if you're committed and resilient enough anything is possible. But I was also humbled in that not everything can be planned and I'm a planner!

Also! As well as Enzo did traveling I would not make him fly again for my pleasure. I worked really hard crate training him as soon as we found out and that I believe helped out tremendously. I am sure it was very stressful for him not to mention my nerves! Heck I was worried about him!
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