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Meeka 11-26-2012 12:11 AM

Running with pup!
How soon can I run w/my pup? My husband took Meeka out for a 4 mile run and she did great! But his brother just told us its not good to run her now because she's still too young and is still growing. She's 17 weeks right now.

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marshies 11-26-2012 12:14 AM

I think 4 miles is a bit much for a 17 week old puppy on leash.
I started my dog with 1 hour long walks at that time, and built slowly. I started running her when she was almost a year old, and started at 2 KM (which is around a mile).

The main worry I had was that she would be over-exerting herself, and be too excited to run to figure out that it was beyond what her body should be doing. Luckily, I have since discovered she's great at self regulating, and will let me know by trying to block my way.

Angelina03 11-26-2012 07:19 PM

I think 17 weeks is much too young! My vet told me not to take Rocco on any sustained run (especially on leash and hard surfaces) until he was fully grown because it can damage their still soft cartilidges and cause problems later on. Mild running off leash (so the puppy can stop when needed) and other forms of exercising/playing (tug-a-war) is the best way to develop their stamina and muscles.

doggiedad 11-26-2012 07:53 PM

i wouldn't run my 4 month old pup 4 miles. i would let my dog/pup
develope a little before running or jumping him.
what's the rush to run?

wolfstraum 11-26-2012 09:12 PM

Over 25 years ago I got a 6 month old Great Dane....took her out when I worked my horse every 6 years old she was showing arthritis...she lived to be 14, but was stiff for over half her life....

Pups should be exercised lightly and not run until they are over a year, I prefer closer to two before you do extended runs with them


Meeka 11-27-2012 09:19 PM

Thanks everyone! I was thinking the same thing but my hubby is so eager to have her as his running partner :/ she was so tired when she came back but still wanted to play! I will definitely take the advice of keeping it light for her :)

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Freddy 11-27-2012 09:33 PM

might want to keep an eye on her pads too. Years ago I had a high energy pup and the time to walk her multiple times a day. Walking on sidewalks in a new neighborhood (maybe the texture of the new concrete was more pronounced) she wore through her pads and a couple of her feet bled.

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