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Moving to a condo....need advice with transitioning my dog.

Has anyone here moved from a house/townhouse into a condo? Or does anyone live in a condo with a GSD (or apartment!). How do they handle it? My male is 2 years old and intact, and we are about to move downtown in 3 weeks into a condo.. he is territorial currently around our property...i'm just curious/concerned how he will determine what his 'property' is when we move. We don't have a real fenced in yard right now, so he just assumes all the land right around our townhouse is 'his'.

When we move...we won't have any grass. Just the dog potty area owned by the condo building.. We are moving to a super dog friendly building so there will no doubt be dogs, I just hope he doesn't assume the whole building is his!

Any advice or comments are welcome.. I am hoping he transitions okay! This is my first move, as well as his, and I am concerned with how he will do with being in a completely new place, living in a completely different type of place...and being away from my family.

I also worry about him getting separation anxiety because of all of this. I really hope he doesn't becoming a howler/barker....

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not me. we have an apartment but it's half a 2 family house and we have a fenced backyard with access from our bedroom. after an argument that got police and courts involved with the other tenant and her moving out (she was feeding feral cats), a couple 2 week late rent payments and the fire dept. kicking the door in to a near building burn down, i feel the next slip up may come with an eviction notice. so may have to find a less than desirable living situation on short notice.

no help here. just marking the thread so i can find it again. carry on!
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I moved from a rented house to a rented apartment. it's definitely less convenient not being able to open the door and let him run around a fenced yard. so on days I rise to the occasion and take him somewhere to run around on grass he doesn't go crazy in my apartment. on days I don't, he goes crazy in my apartment. it will probably be similar for you. going to parks has without doubt become a daily part of my routine. I've advised this many times but it seems very fitting to your future situation, get a long 20-30 foot lead so you can go to the park and let him run around you. when I'm done walking him I can sit and read a book or just enjoy the view and he can still have a decent area to move around on his leash while still being outside.

about some of your other points. my guy's separation anxiety actually greatly improved. he must have just grown up. he also didn't like hearing other people regularly outside our door for the first time. he was protective/territorial as well but after a few repetitions of the NO's! and putting him in his kennel for barking at the door that all stopped very quickly. now he doesn't even look at the door if people are outside.

hope this helped! you should be fine, you'll work out a routine that works for you and your dog very quickly. don't think about it at this point

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I moved from a Townhome to a Condo. Not a big deal since my dogs were up my backside My dogs were never in a room that I wasn't. So the size of the house was never a problem. As long as they get exercise, they are fine.

I will say it's less convenience to not just open a door and let the dog out. However, it forced me not to be lazy. I was glad for it.

Now I had two male dogs (Shepherd/Rottie mix and a chow mix). Both territorial. Any routine walk was us walking on "their" property so I get that. They did bark at other dogs/people, but it's easy to correct when you're walking them. They stopped that after a while with consistent correcting. I would either give a correction after one bark on leash or I would redirect with food (depending on the dog I was working with).

I find it's usually harder correcting a barking dog in the yard when you can't correct them in the moment and they are not right next to you. Much easier on leash.

I'm lucky because my Condo Association has a walking path that leads to a Forest Preserve. We also have doggie stations that provide us poop bags and trash cans. Also lots of land. Very dog friendly.

I've had three dogs that I've owned since I was eighteen (I'm 39 now). I've moved four times. My dogs never had an issue in a new place. I did crate them in the beginning even though they were housetrained...just in case. Some dogs don't transfer well. Meaning just because they are housetrained in your house doesn't mean they will be like that in a new house. So I don't take chances. I crate in the beginning when I'm not least for a few weeks until we're in a routine and they know where to potty.

They didn't bark or act territorial in the beginning because they don't know your new place is theirs. It took a few weeks before they started barking at strangers in front of the window or at the door.

My German Shepherd/Rottie mix was more clingy but never had separation anxiety. I just reinforced this by ignoring them when leaving and returning, and not making a big deal of anything. I think it helped that my dogs also went everywhere with me, camping, hiking, to relatives houses. So they were used to being in different places with me from the time they were puppies.

Good luck with the move and your dog!
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Thanks for the advice! Much appreciated! I feel better about the move now. He still gets crated when I leave the house, so when we move, I will continue that and slowly try to wean him out of having to be crated.

I think it won't be as big of a hassle for me, cause I haven't had a fenced yard where I can just conveniently let him I am used to walking my dog numerous times a day! I prefer it though, it gets me out.

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We got our rescue GSD right after we moved to our technically a condo though it's set up more like a townhouse. Our Association seems to be more relaxed about size and breed as long as they aren't causing trouble. Our guy had been rescued from being breeding stock at a puppy mill, so he was kind of paralyzed by the idea of being crated, so he's been free reign in the house since we had him. He hasn't gotten into things worse than occasional small and not toxic food item my boyfriend accidentally forgot to put up. With our guy before we got inside any house or pet-okay building, we take a bit of time outside in the grass or pet-potty spots for him to sniff around and mark, then have him off leash as soon as we get inside if a home (if pre-approved) since he seems to know outside of the dog park off-leash means no potty time. Our guy also thankfully isn't very noisy. Being he's roughly 6 years old, he's over the puppy crazy. He only really barks when other dogs bark at him, so we haven't had to worry about annoying our neighbors. Hard to say how yours will transition, but bringing in the things they're used to helps. Good luck!

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