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gsdmommy2013 06-09-2014 02:10 PM

Behavior problems with strangers??
Hello, this is my first time owning a pure bred GSD and I dont know if his behavior is normal for his breed and if not I need some advice on how to correct it. Let me start off by saying my boys name is Kratos, he is 1 1/2 yrs old and I have had him neutered. As a puppy he was very loving, loved to meet new people and I could take him anywhere. In the past 4-5 months he has become aggresive with strangers. I cannot take him anywhere anymore without having a scene from him. I am thinking it has to do with me being pregnant and maybe he feels the need to protect me but he does this with my husband as well. When someone tries to get close he growls, barks , bares his teeth and all the hair on his back is standing up. I cannot take him to the groomer anymore, Its very hard for me to take him on walks. The funny thing about this is when you come into my home, he is all kisses and excited to meet you, even if you are on my porch. And other dogs, forget it!! Unless it is at a home and I am there but even then its very iffy and makes me nervous. I know he is supposed to be a guard dog and I absolutely love that about him but I figured he would be able to tell a threat from a friend. I dont know what to do anymore. Please help and thank you :)

ApselBear 06-09-2014 02:28 PM

Find a respected trainer. Best of luck

Shade 06-09-2014 02:35 PM

I really would recommend getting a professional trainer to help, preferably someone with GSD experience.

If you post your general location hopefully someone will recommend someone they have experience with.

Chip18 06-09-2014 02:44 PM

The "issue" with strangers I don't see it as untypicall myself?? But it sounds like you have allowed it to get to far? My guy did a low growl at company the first time company came over!!!:eek: That was as far as that ever got! I did "Who Petsmy Puppy or Dog" and I used a muzzle on him for awhile till I could see he was calm. I met people first he was behind me quitely while I spoke to folks. He learned..this is how to behave. :)

I used a muzzle like this:
A Great Small And Lightweight Nylon Mesh Muzzle

You can't work the dog hard in it! And it's not as secure as a "real muzzle" for not for use with a bat crap crazy dog! The dog can remove but not while you are watching him! It will make you feel better and keeps him from going off! Well I can't bite sooo...

Post 8 has some useful links:

The link on loose leash walking also, if the dog is out in front and the leash is will "never" gain control of this dog!

Hostility towards a pack member is a whole different story! I would start over let your husband take over some of the responsibility, you could start over by doing something like this?

I just got a rescued dog – what do I do? | stickydogblog

And this also might prove to be a solution?

That's how I dealt with my 'Bubble Dog" aka dog with people/dog issues. And he turned out just fine! :)

So in my view that is what "retraining" him would look like. If your up to the task I think you can do it! But..if you can't or not sure? Keep anyone from getting help and hire a qualified trainer or behaviourist. No harm in getting help at this point you "do" have a challenge on your hands!

gsdmommy2013 06-09-2014 04:05 PM

Chip, thank you for your feedback, we have worked with the muzzle, had strangers come and pet him while i would touch them on the arm or something and he just doesnt stop the growling. I didnt mean to let it get this way, as soon as he started I tried to correct it or so i thought. Also when he does have the muzzle and we come across people I have him stand back while I approach and smile, he just keeps going with the hair raised and the growling, he doesnt seem to understand its ok. He is fine with anyone who comes over and with my dog Amber.

Im in the south houston area if anyone knows of a trainer, until then we will keep trying.

carmspack 06-09-2014 04:40 PM

did this happen after you neutered him?

Steve Strom 06-09-2014 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by carmspack (Post 5621233)
did this happen after you neutered him?

Looking back to a year ago, it didn't start with the neutering. Did you have him neutered thinking it would help this GSDMommy?

huntergreen 06-09-2014 04:45 PM

no point in trying different things that might work, you need an experienced trainer and evaluator. you want this under control before the BEFORE THE BABY ARRIVES!!!!!!!!

gsdmommy2013 06-09-2014 04:58 PM

No it starting happening before, and having him neutered didnt have anything to do with aggression i just didnt want him getting an unspayed female dog around the nighborhood pregnant because lets face it, there is no need for a bunch of mixed puppies running around who would probably end up in a shelter when there are plently of dogs in shelters that deserve a good home. I have no problems with him at home, I can say with all confidence he will not harm the baby since I already have two younger children in my home that could do no wrong in his eyes.

Im going to start contacting tainers. It just makes me nervous because its hard for me to find one to come to my home and I do not want any incidents while training wether it be other dogs or other people. He is going on 85lbs and still growing.

Steve Strom 06-09-2014 05:38 PM

Sometimes its hard to describe things online. But from what you posted, if he were mine, I really wouldn't have that confidence. I hope you find a really good trainer. I mean that sincerely.

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