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CharlieB.Barkin 05-10-2014 02:16 PM

Bloody feet after very long walk?
I had some free time last Thursday, so I took Charlie for a 4.65k long walk. I am mostly free today so I took Charlie on a walk that was a little over 8k long. Previously his longest walk must have been no more than 5k, so today was his longest walk by far. I felt like he could take it and he did. I brought a bottle of water (I probably should have brought more?). It was about 20 degrees Celsius but it was really really windy so it felt much cooler. I stopped 5 time throughout the walk to give him a break or give him water. Surprisingly he didn't drink a whole lot. I didn't drink anything, so I guess that makes sense?

Anyways, I return home and I start noticing these little red specks appear all over the carpet. His back right paw was bleeding a tiny bit. I put some pressure on it with a paper towel and it was very minor. I couldn't see the cut but it must have scabbed up within 10 minutes of me finding it. I'm no expert, but my guess is that bleeding feet aren't normal after long walks. Did he just not have calluses on his feet?

I gave him lost of water with ice and he ate it all up. He then fell asleep and 20 minutes later I gave him a cup of food.

For future reference, what are the signs of heat exhaustion in dogs? How would you treat it if you're away from home? I'm going to start bringing more water and go back to shorter walks. I'm sure he had a great time though.

SuperG 05-10-2014 03:30 PM

Never dealt with a dog exhibiting heat exhaustion however every fall if the pheasant season opener is a warmer than usual day....I read about many upland hunting dogs which get devastated by heat exhaustion....some die.....same thing every year if the temps are above normal in October for opener.

They give the same common sense advice every year this happens and it essentially is exactly what you did....watering the dog regularly, taking some rests and looking for classic symptoms...excessive salivation,vomiting, tongue and other areas in the mouth take a brighter than normal red appearance. If I recall properly, if the gums, lips etc start to turn a grayish have real problems as the dog is nearing a critical point where action must be taken.

As far as a scuffed/abraded/cut pad from an 8K / 5 mile walk perhaps it's more of a cut as you describe it rather than his pads being worn from a distance of that length. Seems odd that an 8K would wear a dog's pad down to a bloodied state from that distance....assuming the surface the dog was walking on wasn't ridiculously abrasive. maybe Charlie simply just cut the rear pad on a sharp object along the way.

I have no idea how old Charlie is but I have heard many in here profess if it's a younger pup, long distance walk/runs might be something to avoid when they are still sprouting. And of course an natural/earthen surface is superior to a hard concrete/asphalt surface for long treks or runs. In the summer the asphalt can be a real problem when the sun has it heated up considerably...another common sense idea some folks might forget about about regarding their dog's pads.

Sounds like Charlie is fine and did have a blast....they're tough and no little cut in their paw is going to get in their way of being a dog...but always worth keeping an eye on and making sure it heals properly.


Bear L 05-10-2014 03:50 PM

One of my fosters who's pads are a bit on the softer side bled after I walked her too much over a series of days in the woods. She can take it, just that the pads needed more time to toughen up. If you check the paws, does it feel tough and rough and thick? If it has a white or less dark pad that is on the thinner side, the dog may just need to get toughen up more gradually. If you have a friend with a dog that's out and about a lot in the woods, maybe touch that dog's paws for reference.

Dogs that walks mostly on lawns or smooth surfaces may not have the thick callouses needed for the rougher trail walks.

My dogs' paws can take rough edges and things poking into the pads for long periods of time without a drop of blood because the callous is thick. I've even seen their pads splinter without blood and they still hike fine with just a bit discomfort.

lovemygirl 05-10-2014 04:02 PM


Originally Posted by Bear L (Post 5500521)
My dogs' paws can take rough edges and things poking into the pads for long periods of time without a drop of blood because the callous is thick. I've even seen their pads splinter without blood and they still hike fine with just a bit discomfort.

Adding my +1 to this - Eva had incredibly thick paw pads from the day I got her and the only injury I can tell she ever sustained with me, even on rough trails and backwoods for 3+ hours, trail runs, etc, was one pad splintering, no blood. I'm not even 100% sure when it happened because she never limped or favored it or anything! I felt horrible when I found/felt it :(

Just gradually increase your hiking/trail/backwoods walking to slowly toughen his pads and then enjoy your long walks! :)

huntergreen 05-10-2014 06:38 PM

most people work up to those type of hikes, not just put the leash on and go. there is a balm you can use to protect your dogs pads.

scarfish 05-10-2014 06:50 PM

4.65K walk? most people here don't deal with kilometers. its's about a half mile each. so about 2 miles. or 4 1/2 kilometers. 4.65, whats with the exact measurement?

scarfish 05-10-2014 06:52 PM

i just took my dogs on a 1.43758 mile walk.

Kahrg4 05-10-2014 08:41 PM

My boys regularly do 4 miles on asphalt lined trails without issue. We do work up to that length each spring though and take breaks in shady areas as we do.

Neko 05-10-2014 10:07 PM

I used Musher's Secret to protect pads from rough surface and or heat/cold.

SuperG 05-10-2014 10:10 PM


Originally Posted by scarfish (Post 5500921)
i just took my dogs on a 1.43758 mile walk.

How do you know it was 1.43758 miles? Your precision is astonishing !! Or is it one of those newfangled computer gizmos powered by microturbines that logs your walks ??


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